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Desiree - posted on 10/19/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need a little bit of advice. What would you in the following situation. You are one of 3 Children your mom lives with you. She is 60. She never sees the other 2 kids in a social circle so much so your sister is n=know to have called her a has been and your brother has no time except for his wife, daughter and his wifes family. They only call to ask her to baby sit their children for them. And get angry when she is busy doing something else and can't watch their kids. The full financial implications sit on you and not one contribute anything and when they do you would think that they are doing a great favour. The minute you say no then all hell breaks loose and you are the pits, but they forget when they need you you will bend over to help them, But when you ask something small like please just check on mom while I am away for the weekend. They don't even bother to pick up a phone and completely leave her on her own. They think you are being selfish just because you want to go away because it been a long year and you have just lost your MIL in the last month. Your mom is hurtinng because your sister won't talk to her and only communicates with her via sms. never says hello and ignores her completely when she is at the office. She works for them but they barely pay her, and when they give her the day off they don't pay her at all. They allow other staff to belittle, shout and swear at her and when she complains it all her fault.

How would you help your mom through this difficult time.


Tah - posted on 10/19/2010




i would find my mother something else to do, i would rip my brother and sister a new one in person and tell them that they better not even try to fix their lips in a position to ask you for anything. Find a family member to help your mom when you go away, if they can't unless your mother is disabled at 60, I think she will be okay, make sure she has enough food and everything she needs. i could not in a million years imagine anyone treating their mother that way. Also tell them that if anyone in their employ or in walmart in their presence yells, swears or disrespects your mother in any way, you will tear their business down brick by brick and then throw them at them. They sound selfish and self absorbed and they need to be treated as such...ignore them....

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