Whelp.....here is a debate topic for you. I will not be giving any of my money to this company again...you?


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I agree but I have to be honest I am a little shocked at how so many people are reacting. The first time I walked in I could tell what kind of store it was. The workers always reflect the owner. I've shopped there many times until 6 years ago when I overheard a worker tell a customer " We only have clothes for this size and you obviously are bigger than the standard So you need to just shop elsewhere" When I heard that I spoke to the manager then returned all that I had purchased and made sure people in Chattanooga heard it. This owner verbalized what he has always reflected. Just like Victoria Secret. I'm big breasted and could never find anything there in my size from waist up. I found Fredricks of Hollywood. This owner is a complete **s Known it for a long time.

Keeshia - posted on 05/20/2013




I once fit into their clothes, then I hit puberty It's hard finding clothes that fit when you have a size 8 waist and a pair of Double D's. even skinny girls with large tatas can't shop at this store. As for employment one could always sue for discrimination since I'm sure if a disabled person applied they'd be turned down

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I saw this posted on fb and shared it widely, people are appalled! I believe that A & F are about to have a very skinny bottom line this year! yes~ the pun was intended! This guy must be a total moron and have absolutely no marketing skills whatsoever, to have actually uttered those words. He may as well have just filed for bankruptcy right then and there.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/14/2013




Jeez what is wrong with this company??!!?! How the hell do they stay in business? I can't wait for all their stores to close down and their store spaces be filled with something better. In their job interviews, store managers are forced to ask prospective employees this question, "What does diversity mean to you." I hope today that people are saying, "Not Abercrombie." It's awful. It angers me. Why ask a question about diversity if you know good and well the company does not promote diversity? Seriously they don't want poor people wearing their brand? First of all their clothes look like poor people clothes. Last time I checked tattered jeans and frayed polos were not allowed in the type of money making business environment where their targeted shoppers would be employed, and their skirts are better suited for pornography than a school or an office. UGGHH so mad that this company is still in business.

Cecilia - posted on 05/13/2013




They also stated they would rather burn their left over products than to donate them because they don't want poor people wearing their brand.


I'm actually glad that I can say I've never bought anything from their store. I did buy my daughter a sweatshirt with their name at a consignment shop. She refused to wear it because it had their name plastered all over it. She said she wasn't a billboard.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/13/2013




I'm ashamed to say I once worked at Abercrombie.

I was recruited one day while shopping and was between school and jobs, I figured why the heck should I not give it a try, at least I'd get a discount on clothes and I really love moose. When I started working there I was 19 and wore a 00. As I approached the age of 21 I grew into real people sizes, suddenly I scrutinized by the store management. An Abercrombie modeling recruiter from New York even excluded me from a store photograph because I was a size 2!!!! A size 2, can you believe that?! All of the other girls working there were 18 year old stick figures. They also told me I needed to find "a look" because I am half good ol' American white girl and half Nicaraguan, they told me I didn't look enough of either to be what they were looking for, after nearly 2 years of working there I still didn't understand what that meant. Anyway... needless to say I have not shopped there at all since my short stint of employment there and I do not plan to ever go get their over priced crap and support their extremely chauvinistic ways.

Btw... there are plenty of ugly skinny girls out there with shitty personalities to boot, but for some reason there will always be those idiots out there who fall all over their selves for them.

Kristi - posted on 05/13/2013




Lacking anything better....OMFG! Can someone please tell me why he has not been found suffocated to death on the bottom of a "fat chick" dog pile?!

I'm ALMOST speechless. He hates "outcasts" so much probably because he's always been one and the only reason he's "IN" now is because he PAYS pretty people to make it look that way. I googled Images of him....I would kill my friend for posting "the morning after" or "bad hair day" picture of me looking as disgusting as this guy looks in his publicity pictures! GAG ME WITH BBQ FORK!

Hollister sounds just like this store. All the sprays, skimpy clothing, scantly dressed, spray tanned, anorexic shop girls, music so loud you have scream NO, YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT! I'M NOT PAYING $75 FOR "SHORTS" THAT ARE CUT SO HIGH YOUR ASS CHEEKS HANG OUT OF ONE SIDE AND ARE CUT SO LOW YOUR PELVIC BONES HANG OUT ON THE OTHER!

Luckily, Grace wouldn't/hasn't asked for anything like that. I have made her do some stretching exercises in a few dresses/shorts to make sure nothing would be showing or making any involuntary appearances before agreeing that she can have them! ; )

I will gladly go in with anyone who like to send another variety of shit, similar to what Jeffries is spewing, right back to his freakishly, ugly face! Check it out!


Firebird - posted on 05/09/2013




I have never shopped at A&F and never will for many of the reasons that Kelly listed. As for his recent comments: I get it that he has every right to sell his clothes in whatever sizes he wants, but he also has the right to keep his mouth shut about it.

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I don't think it should be about whether the people wearing your clothes are thin or fat or attractive or not because there are varying opinions about those things, they are, at least somewhat, subjective. I think that it was a really stupid comment to make and will definitely hurt business. I personally would never shop there

Denikka - posted on 05/08/2013




I don't even know what to say about this. . . .
I'm plus sized, so there's really no fear of me ever getting anything from A&F. . . .but still...wow. Prejudice is still alive and kicking. Only now, instead of being against skin color, it's against fat content and the unrealistic *beauty* scale.

Totally doesn't make sense to me. . . .if nothing else, I know plenty of gorgeous girls who are twig skinny but need an XL or bigger shirt size just because they have giant boobs XD Yup. . . .I'm thinking there's some definite fail in his marketing strategy here. . . . .

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That is just pretty much disgusting.
I don't buy their clothes--I never have and now I sure as hell never will.

They are racist: A&F faced a number of lawsuits over discriminatory hiring practices. In 2004, Eduardo Gonzalez, a lead plaintiff said he was urged to apply for an overnight stock position and that the store manager favored two white applicants in a group interview.
In 2009, they were sued again for forcing a 22 year old with a prosthetic arm to work in the stockroom and remain hidden from customers.
They tried to sell (and were forced to recall) a line of shirts featuring racial slurs against Asian people.

They actually grade their employees on their looks (scale from 1 to 5) and post the results in the back room for all employees to see....I cannot even begin to fathom how someone would think that's okay...

They pump the store full of cologne. A spritz here and there is one thing, pumping the store so full of chemicals that I can smell it from 100 yards is not good for our air or environment.

The sold padded bikinis and thongs for tweens.....tweens don't need padded bra tops!!!!! And they should not be marketed to in a way that makes them feel that even at age 9 their breasts are inadequate.

Their clothes are almost all manufactured in countries with no fair or safe labor laws. They were added to the "Sweatshop Hall of Shame 2010 edition" by the International Labor Rights Forum.

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