where are you from??

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I noticed that there are now 1,020 members and counting!!! WOW

(This may have been asked on here before, but I don’t want to go thru the hundreds threads to find it…)

So my question is:
where are you from?? what do you like most about your state/providence??
Would you recommend people to visit/vacation??

Im from Seattle, Washington…the thing I like most about Seattle is the race diversity; coming from Wisconsin…it’s a breath of fresh air…
I would defiantly recommend people to visit/vacation here…its truly has natural, rustic beauty and tons of oxygen from all the tree :-)


Kimberly - posted on 11/12/2010




I'm here in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Lots of history here and some of the most gorgeous scenery in the Fall. I've lived in several different places over the years, but I always come back!

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Aussie here too :) I'm from Newcastle, which is about 2hrs up the coast from Sydney. We're a small city by world standards, but the 6th largest in Aus. I love it! I have all the benefits of living in a city without the downfalls of Sydney (although the traffic has got exponentially worse over the last few years).

Newcastle actually just got voted the 9th best city to visit in an international poll, so I'd say hell yeah people should visit. Beaches.. a working harbour... vineyards only an hour away. I moved to the Gold Coast in my early twenties but came home after 6 months because I missed Newy too much! lol

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I'm in the US...originally from New Jersey, now in North Carolina (for a couple more months) and then heading back to New Jersey.
It'll be nice to be home again.

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I'm a Florida native. Obviously, if you like beaches and nightlife, Florida has a lot of both to offer. I don't care much about the nightlife but I ♥ the beaches. Recently, I moved to upstate NY and I'll just say that I miss Florida. A LOT. It's beautiful up here and the people are nice but nowhere near as nice as the people in the south. It feels like up here everyone keeps each other at arm's length. But the scenery in NY is gorgeous! Rolling hills, wineries everywhere, beautiful sunsets. We'll see how much I like it up here in a few months when I'm knee deep in snow. It's cold (without snow yet) and I'm already starting to question the decision to move up here lol

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I'm so jealous of you aussies!!! And Cathy, it's sounds like where you live is beautiful. It's funny, I was Lady Guinevere for Halloween :)
I live in Michigan. We're known for the great lakes and beautiful falls. The Upper Penninsula is gorgeous in the fall, and we have plenty to do. Although I do love history and mountains and the ocean and palm trees and I could go on.

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From a small town in North Dakota... Don't visit there, lol. It's a good place to raise kids but there's nothing to do.

Which is why now Im in Orange County, California. It's a fun place to vacation, there's so much to do. We have Disneyland :) plus we are an hour drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego.

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i'm from milwaukee, wisconsin in the states. the city is terrible (4th highest poverty rate in the US apparently) but i do love the state. i think its beautiful here (once you get away from milwaukee at least), and there are tons and tons and tons of lakes ♥

i desperately want to move to the UK though...having a hard time convincing the hubby because he's heard the UK doesn't have good bass fishing hahahah

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I currenly live in Sarnia, Ontario, literally 5 minutes from the Michigan border. I like our town b/c it is VERY family friendly, can literally think of 12 parks off the top of my head and probably tons more I havn't discovered yet. Very very little crime (anybody see Bowling for Columbine? Yep, our town was in it representing quiet, crime free Canadian towns!). But no I wouldn't recommend visiting here, very boring, not much to see (unless your going across the border in the US, then you take your own lives into your hands :D) The weather is lovely though, Sarnia is actually one of the sunniest towns in Canada and the winters are very tolerable. Lot's of good ol' family festivals.

Jenn Morris, where in particular are you in Norfolk County?

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I live in Mississippi in the US. It's kinda plain in the winter time but absolutely beautiful in the Spring and Summer!

[deleted account]

I'm from Sunderland in the North East of England, United Kingdom. I love the beaches nearby and the vast open spaces and countryside areas. I would recommend anyone to visit the "Life" Centre in Newcastle and to visit the various art gallerys.

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I'm in Norfolk County in Southern Ontario. There's lots of free festivals, beautiful parks, great fishing, lots of farms, small close-knit communities, hot summers with beautiful beaches, lots of maintained walking trails. I could go on and on!! Love it!

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"I also love that I live in a place that experiences all 4 seasons...Hot, muggy days in the summer, snow in the winter, and our current crisp fall days, and those beautiful falling leaves." ~ Mary N.

Our seasons are the same where I am in BC. LOVE IT!

[deleted account]

Seattle IS beautiful and I've visited quite a few times over the years.

I'm 45 mins east of Vancouver, in Abbotsford, BC -- Canada of course. Absolutely LOVE it here!

[deleted account]

I am originaly from a small town in Nevada (no, NOT near Vegas! About 10 hours away actually, but I ALWAYS get the question! lol). I was born and raised there and my parents are still there as is my best friend and her hubby and their son. My sister is only an hour and a half away from our home town and my brother actually IS in Vegas for school (lol).

I moved to Sacramento, California (I'm the rebel! lol) to be with my hubby.

Let's see... there's a lot to do in Nevada, but not much in my hometown - it's pretty small and out of the way, but there are a bunch of great antique stores if you like antiquing! :D

In Sac, eh... I honeslty don't know why anyone would spend money to come visit here for fun... though I can remember coming here as a kid and having a great time with my family. Hmmm... We have some great parks here (some even have water features!) and we do have beautiful downtown. Here's a fun fact a lot of people don't know: Out of all the cities in the world, Sacramento is number TWO in number of trees (we are called the "City of Trees"). We were beat out by Paris, France... :D

Let's see, what else is there to do here... Oh! We have a great place for kids called Fairy Tale Town and it's super fun! Really cheap (our whole family of 5 gets in for under $20) and the kids love it. It's got animals, play equipment, huge slides, a giant castle for birthday parties, a real garden where kids can learn about veggies and how they grow, and a whole bunch more. In the same area is the zoo and an amusement park called Funderland. You can buy tickets for all 3 places at big discounts since they're all in within walking distance of each other (literally across the street). Plus, they are in the middle of a beautiful park (William Land Park) in one of the more affluent areas of town (so the park is always clean - not something you can say about other parks in Sac!).

It can be fun to walk around downtown and go people watching - we have some odd people downtown! It's also really pretty and there are some great hole-in-the-wall restaraunts (although our favorite just closed down :( boo!!! We miss Cornerstone!).

If you go a little out of town (to the east), there's Folsom Lake, the Folsom outlets (always fun!), Nimbus Fish Hatchery (the kids LOVE it there!), and the Folsom Blvd. Flea Market (our favorite weekend shopping - wonderful fresh fruit and veggies from local farms!). If you keep going east, you'll hit the mountains and Lake Tahoe is just up Hwy 50. There's great camping up there, especially just outside of a small town called Strawberry (and the Siler Fork Diner has GREAT food!).

To the west there's the city of Davis nearby and of course San Fransisco is only about an hour and a half away for quick (but usually expensive) day trips. Also, one of our favorite day trips is to Bodega Bay, just north of SF. It costs us about $60 in gas to get there are back, plus it's a $6 fee to get to the beach (it's a state park). We bring sandwiches and snacks in our cooler and we are ready to go!

There's more to do in CA, but not a whole lot more is really close to Sac. If you want to drive 6-7 hours you can get to Santa Cruz (we go a lot because we have a friend who owns a cottage on the beach there - score! lol). The boardwalk there is fun and so it exploring all the little out of the way beaches and inlets. There are some beautiful houses out there that are fun to admire too :)

Well, that's about all I can think of in my area (I know there's more in CA, but I'm tired and my kids are whining).

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Ah, well, I'm military through & through. I was born in Japan - definitely visit there. Tokyo is fun and fascinating but the japanese countryside is beautiful and fun.

I've lived around the world and EVERY place had something to recommend it. Turkei - excellent food and quaint customs. if you know french, you'll get along there.

Greece, Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany ....

I've lived in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi & Arizona. I loved them all. Texas the most though. I've visited a lot more.

But I'm in Arizona now. Politically - lol - I hate this state. BUT for visiting its just GRAND! hahahaha I couldn't resist.

But in my area we have Cochise's Stronghold. A rugged canyon that served the famous Apache Indian leader, Cochise, as a refuge against his enemies. As you enter the East Stronghold Canyon, you pass in the shadow of rocks that quite likely served the Apache warrior as perches for his lookouts.

I copied part of that from our local pages, but honestly when we're driving through the valleys I look up at low mountains and I can TOTALLY imagine a horde of indians hiding in the rocks spying on the white man, waiting to scalp him. I look at the passes and I can picture them sneaking through to get away from the fort soldiers.

We have Ft. Huachuca nearby. TONS of history there. The historical officers homes are just GORGEOUS.

Ft. Huachuca is also the home of the famous african american soldier unit - The Buffalo Soldiers.

There is also the San Pedro River. We are a major fly through for migratory birds and the hordes of hawks and song birds that pour through here are amazing. OH and hummingbirds. We have a couple of hummingbird sanctuaries and even hummingbird tagging events. The San Pedro USED to be a famous river boat route. Its one of a VERY FEW north flowing rivers in the USA. I've posted the remains of the old paddle boat river landings on my FB page before. Massive steel cables and what not.

Then there is Tombstone - infamous/famous home of the gunslinger, shoot out at the O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp, ghost town often featured in various ghost story progams. I LOVE going there at night and standing on the old boardwalks and closing my eyes. I can hear the jingle of spurs, smell the dust (lol requires no imagination), hear the laughter from the saloons.... truely an awesome place.

We're very close to the border and right now it isn't safe for tourists but eventually it will be again. Shopping in Mexico is tons of fun.

Because of our climate - we have year round farms & orchards you can visit at any time for family fun.

We have the Pima Air & Space museum in Tucson.

We the worlds largest man made blight - a copper mining hole - The Lavendar Pit. Its amazing what man can do when he puts his mind to it. Any time you hold a penny or gaze up at telphone wires and hear them pinging - that pit (or one like it) is where the metal came from.

There are gold panning opportunites, tailings to comb through, all kinds of mineralogical opportunites ...

Else where in Arizona...

We have Sunset Crater - an intanct volcanic cinder cone.

We have a PERFECTLY visible meteor crater. AWESOME to see.

The petrified forest - an entire felled petrified forest laid out at your feet for your examination.

The Grand canyon - of course!

Hoover Dam.

Thats it for the stuff off the top of my head.

Amanda - posted on 11/12/2010




I am from a small town outside of FortDodge in Iowa called Badger! There is about roughly 400 peopel that live here and outside of it. All we have is a post office, bar and store and library. 2 parks as well, but I love the small town living after moving from FortDodge where I was born and raised I love how my oldest can go to the park and play with friends with no worries! I wouldn't recommend anyone come visit since there really isn't much to do!! Lol, but if you like small town living and very friendly neighbors than Badger is a fun town for that!!!

LaCi - posted on 11/12/2010




Indiana, in a suburb of louisville KY. I can't think of much that I *like* about it here. I guess I like my town, it's an alright town, low crime, fairly attractive. I suppose I like the ridiculous amount of schools around me. Also enjoy the really low cost of living. The people in my age group are alright. Everyone's pretty laid back. It's definitely not the worst place to be.

Rosie - posted on 11/12/2010




i'm from iowa, in a suburb of the second largest city in iowa, cedar rapids. i love the feeling i get here. i feel completely safe, and love that everybody is so accepting of everyone here.
theres not much to do here, we're in the middle of cornfields, and pig farms, but i love the people here so much it makes up for it.
do i recommend people coming here? well, that's kinda hard, if you want to feel safe, and secure, and want the i believe third best unemployment rate in the country i think you should come. :) iowa just has this resiliancy about it, that nobody can match.

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I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

love it love it love it! But I've recently been to a lot of other places (finally ;P) and realized that while I LOVE my city and it will always be home, there's a whole lot of beautiful world out there to see.

Chrystal - posted on 11/12/2010




I am from Virginia Beach. I love it here! I love the fact that we are near the beach so there is always something to do! Free concerts in the summer, the ocean, the boardwalk, what could be better than having a beach nearby! I would recommend people to visit and vacation.

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I live in the northwestern suburbs of Baltimore, MD. It's about a 25 minute drive from my home to downtown Baltimore.

I absolutely love where I live; It's not only close to Baltimore, but I'm also less than an hour's drive from DC. My particular area is situated in the midst of MD's "horse country"...love all the steeple chase races in the spring!

I am glad I live here; growing up, I took for granted all the great things that are so close. It wasn't until I went away to college that I really understood that not everyone went to places like the Smithsonian, Baltimore Aquarium, Fort McHenry (where the Star-Spangled banner was written) for routine class field trips. I didn't appreciate that not everyone had been on tours of the Capitol and White House, or that not everyone spent their summer vacations at a beach.

I also love that I live in a place that experiences all 4 seasons...Hot, muggy days in the summer, snow in the winter, and our current crisp fall days, and those beautiful falling leaves. As much as I love the beach and summer, I don't think I would like living further south in a place that didn't ever (or rarely) saw snow.

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I am from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, i love the cheesesteaks...which is why i am on my way to the gym...anywho..i think we have a rich heritage and nightlife...i would recommend..i live in Virginia now and have for about 6 years and I still love home...

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I'm in Gidgegannup, Western Australia. The Perth Hills are lovely and there is lots to see. I live on a five acre property and I wouldn't swap it for the world.

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I'm from Pittsburgh PA, in the US. Don't visit here, its pretty boring- LOL!

I love that there are so many people from the UK! I visited London a few years ago and we took a trip out to Glastonbury, I loved it. I got the most comfortable pair of slippers ever there haha- wearing them now actually!

[deleted account]

I'm from the UK too, in general I love the UK and think it is a great place to visit, it has a wonderful history and beautiful scenery as well as loads of fun stuff to do, there truely is something for everyone. Where I live there is a huge cultural diversity, we have all colours, faiths and types of people :-)

I would definately recommend Cornwall for a visit that has got to be my favourite spot in the UK I LOVE it so much. No scratch that in the WORLD (so far).

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No problem, but you better be quick Loureen, because I'm leaving next summer!!
And the "winter time" is the best time for a surfer! ;)

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I'm from Iceland, lived there my first 27 years of my life. Now I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and love it!

Yess! I'd recommend this place for anyone. It's not too cold and not to hot... it's a perfect place to have a vacation. I'm really going to miss this place when we leave.
Like Seattle, it has the race diversity.

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I live in a "seaside" town (Well, it's a river estuary really! I LOVE disappointing the tourists by telling them that! hahaha!) in the South West of England.

I like my town because it's safe and comfortable. I've lived here my whole life, so it's totally home to me. It's quite close to a city, so it's not too hard to get to somewhere more exciting!!

I would recommend my town for a holiday.....it's geared towards tourists after all! We've just had our new Pier open (the old one burnt down!) and it's amazing!!!
I think England or the UK would be a good place to visit, although the weather is usually shit, there's loads of beautiful places and lots of history!

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Charlie - posted on 11/12/2010




I live in Australia , I LOVE IT , its beautiful , its unique , its full of laid back , relaxed , friendly people and its so broad you can litterally go to the snow one day and then to the beach the next day .

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