Who are we?

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I am a Pro-life Christian mother of five.

I do not vaccinate my children and I don't intend to, ever.

I use the TV as a babysitter sometimes even though I know I shouldn't.

I work full time but wish I could be a SAHM.

My boys are uncircumcised but I think that if I was a member of COMs first that I wouldn't have.

I am a hard headed and outspoken woman.

My 8 yr old doesn't know anything about sex because I don't see the point in planting that seed until it's neccessary. Why tell him the details when he still thinks kissing is gross?

My children are my life and sometimes I go without so that they can have.

I tried going organic and it's nearly impossible to do without a third income, so we just do the best we can.

Who are you?


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Since many are sharing such specifics...

I DO vaccinate, I didn't circumcise, I won't pierce, I EBF and extend BF past 1 year, I don't spank, and I DO believe that correct information on all of the above is more important than your ultimate decision...As long as you aren't misinformed, you are likely making the best choice for your family...that's all that matters to me!

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I am the proud mother of a 15 month old boy. We are expecting baby # 2 around the end of next month.

I am an open minded Catholic. Pro-life is for me but not for everyone else and I understand.

I am Canadian.

Political beliefs: NDP (New Democratic Party).

I am not and never have been a cry it out mom.

I am not against spanking but if I choose to spank my son one day it will not be until he is old enough to understand exactly why he is being spanked.

I vaccinate my son and intend to do the same for the baby I'm 32 weeks pregnant with. To me, it's the responsible thing to do.

I use the TV as a babysitter sometimes even though I know I shouldn't.

I'm a SAHM but will return to work part time after I have this baby. In the summer I will return to college full time to finish my last year.

My son is circumcised. The new baby will be too if it is a boy.

My son is my life and I get separation anxiety when we're apart. Way worse than he does. I'm getting married next summer and I often feel like my fiance is deprived of my attention. I should work on that.

I love to cook good, healthy foods but once in a while it's nice to take a break and just get some McDick's.

[deleted account]

I am a twice divorced mother of a brilliant 13 year old son. I am a strict mother which has yielded a happy, ambitious child with a strong streak of empathy.

I am a hard atheist with no apologies for it. I made the journey from Episcopal Christian to nearly becoming a Muslim to an atheist after reading, thinking, thinking and thinking some more. I enjoy religious debate solely because it stretches my brain cells.

I am very loyal to my family. I am part-time caretaker for my very sick father. I am happy to now not only be my mother's daughter but also her friend.

I am very loyal to my friends and would happily give the shirt of my back to those who needed it. I am sometimes overly generous to a fault.

\I had my son with no drugs but if I could go back in time, I'd have had that epidural in a heartbeat! He is not circumcised and there is nothing that would have changed my mind about it. He has all his immunizations including chicken pox and flu. I will have him get any immunizations that are available. (While growing up, there was a lady at church who almost died of polio and it left her with a painful, crippled leg so hit me up with those needles.)

I work full-time because I am divorced. Given a chance, I'd be a SAHM mom except I got spayed in 2008 so no more babies for me. I work in a call-center because that's what I'm very very good at that kind of work.

I don't do organic unless I have to.

I read as much as I can.

I have been dealing with a bizaare chronic illness since October 12, 2008 that leaves me with severe abdominal & lower back pain. After almost 2 years of tests that got me nowhere, I just live on pain medication. It intereferes with my work and my ability to support my family.

I am my friends' rock of stability when needed. I am the one who is called when there's strife and trauma because I have the ability to completely compartmentalize my emotions.

My son is the light of my life.

I am an absolute cat person. I have 5 cats that are spoiled and non-spoiled at the same time. (Allowed anywhere except tables and counters).

Oh yeah, I'm in the category of obese and am very comfortable in my large skin. I eat very healthy foods but that's what it is.

Oh,I'm also very pro-choice about a lot of issues.

[deleted account]

Jodi must be something about us Psychology people (I have a degree in it as well) because I have a weird combo of studies too - in addition to my psych degree I have studied Criminal Law, Business Studies, Management Academies/ Studies, Very basic accounts (I hated it), and Sign Language. I want to retrain in midwifry though when my child/ren are older :-)

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I am the proud single mom of a smart, beautiful, creative and very energetic 1 year old. I am Saved, and pro-life, but that doesn't make me a fanatic. I too have thought about abortion while contemplating falling down all the stairs in my apartment building so I wouldn't have to bring a child in this world with a thoughtless father. My daughter's dad is married and was so when she was conceived. His wife knew, and actually spoke her into existence, because it was her I had a real relationship with. I have gotten vaccines for my child, but the next will be late because her brother is artistic and I am afraid she shows some characteristics of having it also, so I am going to try to hold out on any further shots until 20mos. I got my daughters ears pierced when she was 2 and a half mos. because I got pissed with people saying HE was cute.I don't know what I think about circumcisions, there are pros and cons to either. I plan on telling my daughter about sex when she truly asked me, without giggles or funny faces. I might not know what is exactly right for my child when a time comes, but I know for certain I love her no matter what, and that is my stand on the issues. I will never be able to teach anyone else how to parent their child, but I will give it my all when it come to my little girl.

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....that's the second time in as many days that I've 'heard' the term "Gentleman caller".


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Ooh, I'm so nosy, I love this thread!

I'm a 30 year old woman with two children- Ivy 4 and Rowan 2, who make me laugh so much every day with their crazy imaginative games and the stuff they come out with.

At the moment I am a SAHM, but will return to my work as a Secondary School Expressive Arts teacher specialising in special educational needs once both children are at school full time.

I've been with my husband since I was 16, so about 14 years, and married for 7 of them. He is the kindest, most creative, deep thinking man I have ever met. He also has a very juvenile sense of humour which cracks me up (unless the practical joke is on me!)

We are vegetarian, and so far, so are our kids. When they are old enough to properly understand where meat comes from and how it is produced they will have the choice whether to eat it or not. But it won't be cooked by me, that's for sure!

We are a Pagan family, which means we try to have as little negative impact on the world as possible. Balance is the key word for us. We grow most of our own fruit and veg, don't drive, cook totally from scratch etc,

I am a firm believer in EDUCATION. Knowledge is power, and is especially empowering for women, given that it is denied them in some cultures (not excluding some in the western world, in my opinion). This applies especially to sex ed. If they are ready to ask the question, they are ready to know the answer.

I Love reading, gardening, creating music or performance and celebrating the seasons of the year. We are a close family and there are lots of us, so big family gatherings are a real treat for me.

I believe that we all have the power to change things, and a personal responsibility to give back what we can. I have volunteered for women's charities as a family connection worker and rape counsellor, which enriched my life and hopefully the lives of others.

Politically, I'm pretty far to the left. Although I am aware that socialist ideals are not always easy to put into practice, it is the only political philosophy that makes any sense to me, or takes into account compassion and human weakness. The "me me me" of modern capitalism makes me sad.

I am pro choice, pro gay rights, pro vac, anti spanking. I just think there are more successful ways of disciplining your kids.

I never usually spend so much time talking about myself, that was kind of fun! ;)

[deleted account]

We'll see Krista..... He's so busy right now and I'm so insecure that I may unintentionally drive him away before we can actually develop a relationship.....

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That IS exciting, Teresa! Getting your GED, a new "gentleman caller" (as my nanny would put it)...I think things are looking up for you, honey!

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I am a 40 year old mother of 2 (ages 12 and 5), step-mother of 2 (ages 18 and 11).
I have been married to my wonderful husband for 6 1/2 years. I ment him on the internet :)
I work from home - we own 2 businesses one of which I run from home.

I am pro-choice
I am not anti-spanking, but I am also not pro-spanking (I don't know if that makes sense, I have spanked, but I don't tend to choose it as a method of dicipline 99% of the time).
I am pro-vaccination
I do believe breast is best, but I don't believe it is best for everyone. As long as mum and bub are happy.

I don't care about people's choices with regard to circumcision or piercings. My son is circumcised, my step-son isn't, and none of my kids have earrings. My daughter has asked, but at 5, I think she is a little too young to look after it, so I have told her she has to wait until she is bigger.

My kids are Catholic and attend Catholic school, my husband is a lapsed Catholic. I am not Catholic, but I do consider myself a Christian. However, I do not believe the Bible is literal, and I question it a lot.

My house is full of clutter. I don't care. I do the best I can to keep it clean, but tidy is a different thing altogether.

My son knows all about sex.....except in practice. I've talked to him about it at length. My step-son kind of knows, but my husband is hopeless at dealing with that, and it's not something I feel is my place. I'm pretty sure my step-daughter IS practicing. The 5 year old knows babies come out of the vagina, and daddy helped mummy put it there in the first place. Just waiting now on the next question, which I am pretty sure will be how daddy helped put it there. We'll get to it.

I let my kids watch TV, use the Playstations, X-Box and Wii, they have thier own Nintendo DS Lites, and all but the youngest has a mobile phone, but they pay for their own credit. All are only used in moderation, and none of these are in bedrooms, only in the main area of the house.

My husband is diabetic (Type II) as is most of his family on his father's side. He was only diagnosed earlier this year and it stressed me out.

I volunteer at my kids schools in the canteens, and also as a helper in the Kindergarten class.

I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology, but have also studied Accounting, Business Law and Anthropology (yes, a weird combination), and quit halfway through a Masters degree, because I just lost interest in it.

And right now I have a ripping headache and can't think of anything else - off to take some pills and lay down. That time of month, need I say more? LOL.

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ooh teresa!! i'm so excited for the new possibilities in your life!! i'm glad u are coming around to being in another relationship again after all you've been through!! have fun!

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Teresa, for some reason I just want to give you a big ol hug! A cyber hug will have to do...((HUGS)) You sounds like an amzing person and Mother!

[deleted account]

Pro-life, single, Christian mother of 3.

I vaccinate. My son is circumsized. I spank (though not often).

I am very open and honest, but super insecure so I prefer communicating w/ people through the computer over face to face.

I feel that arming kids w/ correct information (and our beliefs) is the best way that I can contribute to them NOT experimenting w/ sex too young. My 8 year olds don't yet know about the actual act of sex, but know quite a bit about puberty, pregnancy, and (unfortunately) miscarriages.

I am currently unemployed and on welfare, but am getting my GED soon and planning on being a preschool teacher's aide. My ex doesn't and won't pay child support, so we're on our own and it is scary.

When my kids are acting up the only thing I won't ban them from is movies since that's the only time they will sit still and shut up. ;)

My ex did such an emotional number on me that I never thought I'd be interested in another man as long as I live. I was wrong..... ;) We're just starting to get to know each other, but I like it and I'm scared.

My kids are also my world. We don't have a lot, but just about everything we DO have... is theirs.

[deleted account]

I am a SAHM to a 5 yr old boy and he will be an only child by choice. My husband & I have been together for 11 yrs, married for almost 8 yrs. He is a Biometrics & Industrial Systems Engineer--he designs brains for industrial robotics.

I am pro-life
I am anti spanking
I don't care one way or the other about circ or ear piercing.
I am pro-vaccination, but I followed a delayed schedule with my son and did not use "mixed" shots. Yes, he got more shots, It was much more expensive, and I know it was painful for him, but over all, I felt it much safer.

I am a capitalist.
I am a republican, but politics bore me unless the directly affect me. Bad, I know.

I own 2 businesses, but will be forced to close the doors by the end of next year due to the new healthcare laws. I am very, very sad about that. I am sad more for the 22 women and 15 men who will be loosing their jobs, than I am for my lost income, as it wasn't much money at all, but I have a lot of pride in my business.
I had the option to work in my business full time and save most of their jobs, but I chose not to because I want to be a SAHM to my son--he is more important to me than their jobs, and thus far they have been very understanding of that.

I do not know where I stand religiously. I have been an atheist for most of my life, I go to Church and practice Catholicism right now. I want very, very much to believe in God & Heaven & religion, but if I am honest with my self, I just don't think God exists or ever has.....but I hope He does.

I struggle with Anorexia, and have been diagnosed since I was 7 yrs old. I worry too much about what my son eats and obsess about making sure I do not pass my negative views of food onto him.

I grew up very poor and have very little sympathy for the poor. I believe that most poor people are poor by choice and should not complain about it. I do know there are exceptions!

I volunteer with YouthBASE which helps kids who are emotionally unstable due to living in poverty and neglect. They are wonderful kids, but I have a hard time hiding my hatred for their parents.

My father is a drug addict, but also a good man and I love him very much. It is complicated. I do blame him for my poor childhood, because, let's face it--It was his choices that made us poor, but I still love him and my son will grow up knowing him (as long as he stays clean).

I felt guilty tossing all the glass baby food jars in the trash so I made a lot of Jake's food just to reuse them.

I employed both a housekeeper and a nanny after Jake's birth and I do not feel like I am lazy or missed out on his babyhood.

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Hey Laura, that's really exciting! I hope that everything goes very, very easily and smoothly with your c-section today, and that you have a quick and uncomplicated recovery!

[deleted account]

I'm 37 years old. Married 11 years, together for 17 years.

Mother of 1 son, age 5. Right now I am so proud that he's reading independently before Kindergarten even starts and he likes making his own books.

He is circumsized. I am pro-vax. I breastfed + used formula. I am pro-choice.

I support gay rights/gay marriage.

I was born & raised in New Jersey but now live in Arizona-but will always be a Jersey Girl at heart.

I was raised Jewish and still identify with the Jewish culture, but since there are really no other Jews out here, there's nothing to practice. I plan to raise my son exposing him to many different faiths and let him pick.

I strongly believe in separation of church & state and get ticked off when I hear about prayer in school, on the football field, or something of the sort.

I am just about to begin my 15th year of teaching. This year I am teaching high school english and very excited about this new change!

I don't care for earrings on infant girls, and I also don't care for nail polish on little girls either.

I am extrmeley passionate on car seat safety and I'll have no problem calling out someone who doesn;t restrain their child properly.

My son will be an only child by choice. I have no urge or desire to have anymore children. However, I know my husband would like to adopot an older kid in the future, but that's a "maybe" in my book.

I was never cut out to be a SAHM, but I did have a great opportunity to teach part-time for a few years so I could be home more frequently for my son.

I am a cluttered person. My house is cluttered, and I don;t care.

I love to cook! I can get lazy on weekends. My husband gives me more Mommy time than many of my friends!

OK, gotta get ready for work now.

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I am a 21 year old mother of a beautiful 3 year old son named Noah and his father and i have been together for 7 years and met in prep when we were 5 years old. :)

I am an atheist, yet i find all religion fascinating.

I am pro-choice.

I dont believe in circumcision. (Unless medically needed)

Very much pro breastfeeding, even though i was unable to :(

I am anti smacking.

Im pro vaccinations.

I am pro gay rights and marriage.

I had a drug free birth in 2 hours, after being induced due to eclampsia.

Im a stay at home mum and love it, even though i miss the interaction and stimulation of the workforce.

Im am an Australian :)

I love to cook from scratch and make everyone sit down to Sunday roast every week.

Im a ballerina.

I have my tongue pierced.

I love make-up and dressing up, just for the fun of it.

Im overly generous with my time, money and emotions. I have no sense of personal space. Im told im very flirtatious, but i just think im very friendly lol.

I have struggled with depression.

Im totally accident prone!

Im much more of a freestyle parent than a helicopter one.

I still get to enjoy being 21. I go out with friends once a fortnight. (my partner and i swap weekends )

I feel guilty about not giving our son a sibling yet.

I love being a mother and wouldn't change it for the world even though it was extremely hard at first.


[deleted account]

Mother of two and a first time mom at 19.I live for my girls and the have thought me more than i ever thought i could teach them.I live from day to day and i focus on my family and how i raise my children.I respect all mothers doing there best to care for there children and who do it well in what ever way the choose aslong as there children are not neglected or hurt,then in my book your being a good mother.

I am happy when my children are happy and i do everything for them,we love the outdoors and the simple things in life.There both there dads pride and joy and we would be lost without them♥

About me, i love to be out about in nature,love music and love to sing.:-)

I love life and i think we all need to be willing to help or lend a hand before we judge or pass any sort of comment etc so would like to say to all moms have a great day and enjoy today with your family and everyday.:-)time flys.

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-I'm 26 and turning 27 next month
-I'm a mom to a 17 month old girl (emergency c-section), giving birth to another girl TODAY via c-section, and stepmom to two (girl 7, boy 2.5)
-engaged for 3 years but don't have a rush to be married (because it is only a piece of paper at this point so it won't change much of what we already have or do)
-I'm pretty sure my daughter is autistic but too young to really diagnose
-I'm pro choice
-I'm atheist
-I'm a former body piercer
-I'm a newly licensed nurse
-I've been a SAHM since my first daughter was born and intend on working parttime once I heal from this c-section because I miss having a job)
-I'm tattooed and modified in visible areas
-I'm pro gay rights and marriage
-I'm pro baby girl ear piercing and would circumsize if I had a boy
-I'm skeptical (but not paranoid) of the government, pharmaceutical companies, and all media outlets
-I'm pro CERTAIN vaccines and anti SOME vaccines
-I don't see the point in being "green"
-I am not opposed to letting kids watch a bit of TV
-I hate confrontation and being the "bad guy"
-I breastfed for 9 months and don't care whether others BF or FF
-I wish I cooked more but we eat out a lot
-I am more content and less fixated on my physical flaws now than before I had children (even though I have WAY more now)
-I waffle back and forth about whether I want more kids
-I enjoy physical and outdoor activities
-I think patriotism is crap
-I hate the ACLU
-I used to think I was more democratic, but find myself becoming increasingly republican
-I exercise my right to bear arms
-It takes me forever to make decisions about everything
-I hate spending money
-I'm anti spanking/ physical punishment for kids
-I am a former vegetarian but not for animal rights reasons...I hated the consistency of meat but after 8 years I decided that I missed the taste of hamburgers and bacon

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Vanessa all four of mine were unplanned - but not one of them unwanted :-)

[deleted account]

I am a 19 year old mother of one beautiful daughter. She was unplanned. But I love her to pieces. There is a difference between the meaning "unplanned" and "unwanted", and I hate people that cannot seem to understand that.

I am still with the father of my baby and we want another child. I vaccinate my children because I that is my choice to make and not other people's. I like unique names and so my daughter's name is Winter.

I am not religious, and don't think I ever will be. Though if my children choose to be, I won't be against it.

I love my Japanese heritage and I think that Japanese people are far better than the ones in NZ. I am sarcastic, bitchy, loud, but honest. I find it hard to get along with other people. I love anime, doing the washing, and eating food.

I am a great listener when I want to be. Selective hearing I think.

Life is important to me. And I live it for the sake of living.

I have low expectations of everything, and hate getting my hopes up.

I also think that zombies will one-day become a reality. :)

Lady - posted on 07/09/2010




I'm a 33 year old mother of 4 - two boys, two girls - I have been with my hubby for almost 17 years. We are origionally from Scotland but have moved about a lot - including two stays in America - and are hoping to emigrate to Australia pretty soon.

I am a devoute athiest and HATE all religions equally - I am bringing my children up as athiests and teaching them tolerance and to treat everyone equally and with respect.
I am very for gay marriage - love is love no matter what sex people are and fully believe homosexuality is not a choice but homophobia is.
I am ver pro choice but not pro abortion - I don't want to tell a women what she can and can't do with her body but think it is a very serious decission to make and think the age limit should be dropped to about 16 weeks except in extreme circumstances.

All my children have been vaccinated - I wouldn't be able to live with myself if one of them caught an illness that I could have prevented and ended up dead or disabled because of it.

Circumcision isn't done n the UK but even if it were there would be no way on earth I would get mine done.
I would never pierce my childrens ears before the age they can decide that they want it done ie around 10.

My kids enjoy TV and computer games and their video consols but we do try to limit their time on them - watch what they are watching and playing and if they misbehave then their privilidges are taken away.

I enjoy a glass of wine or two now and again or three of four, I like having friends round but as we've moved about a lot we don't have all that many.
I like spending time with my kids and miss them when they are not there.
We are quite a musical family and enjoying playing together and singing together - we love to have fun.
We are quite an outdoor family which is one of the reasons we want to move to Australia - the weather in the UK doesn't exactly lead to the outdoor life unless you don't mind being cold and wet which I HATE.

I'm definatley done having kids and am hoping to get my tubes tied very soon - just waiting on the call!!!
And I breast fed all of mine for about 8 months each - I wouldn't have gone past a year but don't have a problem with people going up to 2 - beyond that I don't really see the point.

Veronica - posted on 07/08/2010




I breastfed(currently bf) my children - some longer than others - but i usually was done between 5 to 8 months old -- too much going on to keep the attachment going, and i usually dried up anyways - so im for both bf and ff - -because obvisouly they were too young for reg. milk.

I love to party - sometimes get drunk -- the bar (tavern/pub) is a great time - but I prefer sitting around a campfire, telling jokes,etc. and just being layed back and having fun that way.
I love to dance.
Im sarcastic - but a very rude sarcastic person -- but i dont let it show too much
Im a brandy/whiskey kinda girl
My girls are going to wait before getting their ears peirced
My boys are all circumcised - based on our faith - need i go further?
I had a natural birth with no drugs, second was c-section (cord strangling my son), and four successful v-bacs two with epidural, the last two all on my own :)
I base my life around my faith -- right and wrong
I love funny people :)
I really like people who speak the truth - it is or it isnt
I used to hate kids, and still do -- but i love my children biasly :)
We practice natural family planning
Im not sure if we will continue having children or not - so stop asking! If we do we do, if we dont we dont - we've mutually agreed that whatever life gives us - we will take responsibility for it.
Man - i think we can all go on and on forever

[deleted account]

My name is laura, im 29 yrs old, married to jamie for 6 yrs,
we live in tx.. im from ma..
we're practicing Catholics ,
I believe in prayer whole heartedly
my kids are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2.. jason and justin
im 100% prolife..
i smoke, drink occassionaly,
i sah with my kids. my husband works for transocean and is away for month then home for month..
i love my husband and we totally support each others "jobs"
i belong to a mothers calling group through my church,
i volunteer at pregnancy help center
i bf for 4 ms with both the boys
we do daily playdates, with or without companions
i enjoy people for the most part even when i dont agree with them, this has come with age
im a pretty understanding and nice person thanks to my husband.. but dont mess with my family, local or distance
i love sex, and so does my husband
we do creighton fertility method for acheiving or avoiding pg
i like scratch tickets now and then
i dont like brats, and more their parents lol
i dont like my soon to be ex sis in law or her family
i dont like bratz or barbie dolls
man i could go on and on

Veronica - posted on 07/08/2010




Wow - where to begin... first of all - when I go into a forum/post I read what everyone says -- I like hearing other people's point of veiw - especially because we are soooo different - its really interesting!

Hi - Im Veronica, and Im 26 years old. I've been married to my husband for 7 years this August - we've been together for 8 years. We have six children - Cephira (girl) 7 1/2, Isaiah (boy) 6, Jebediah (boy) 4 - almost 5, Lilyiah (girl) 3, Azeriah (boy) 22 mo., and our newest addition, Nehemiah (boy) 3 months old.

Mouthfull in itself - explains the rest of my life right there ;) lol

Me... well, the biggest lesson I have learned in my life - became a realization in my marriage - and that is Acceptance. I either love someone for who they are, and accept everything else about them; or I don't. Plain and simple.

I am so many things wrapped up into one -- it gives me a headache. When Im in my comfort zone, Im very assertive, and a bitch. When Im uncertain, I become a coward, passive aggressive and wishy washy. Im very analytical, I will rip something so simple apart - even if the obvious is staring me in the face.
Im the type of person who will give you my shirt off my back, my last dime, the last morsel of food. Which sometimes backfires, and my feeding hand gets bit.

When I mentioned acceptance above - this was meant for more aspects in my life. I have my opinion, you have your opinion. In the end - you are the only one who is responsible for you. You are the only one who can change yourself. In my faith - you are the only one who answers to God (or high power you believe in) I cant, and nor can your neighbor -- we can all talk til we are blue in the face -- but ultimately you can only make choices for yourself. (This goes for all my decisions on everything that I do in this world -- and I am Catholic - but do more prayer/reading than I go to church).

I dont know what the real deal is with organic -- all i care about it getting healthy food into my children -- but I dont deprive luxuries of cookies and icecream, and the occassional junk. We dont need them, but i think its ok to delve! Reading labels is a lifesaver by the way -- you would not believe the crap that food has in it these days!

Im a manual labor type of gal -- I like working hard, working up a sweat, and destructing and creating. I was a farmhand (milked, fed cows, etc.), and I worked for my husband in construction (how we met, lol). Im not big on getting dirty in that sense, I just like feeling like Im doing something. The days of farming and construction are over -- but I still like the same concept in my own home. Im more of the handyman than my husband! hahahahaha
As for a clean house - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!! Spotless - probably when my kids are old enough to quit making such messes! My idea of a clean house is: dishes done, garbage out, and clothes are managed. Yes, we clean and vacuum and scrub -- but its not an every single day thing. That's what I love about summer - the kids can be outdoors alllll day long -- so the mess is minimal.

I love dance/hip hop/rap music. I like all genres of music - but this is my favorite -- I used to do a stupid ghetto booty ass dance when i was a naughty teenager -- but after children, it doesnt look so sexy anymore ;) But i love the music -- grew up on it.
My kids are horrid at home - but the best behaved elsewhere -- why is that?? hehehehe (they arent that bad at home - but it seems like it!)
I spank - but for good damn reason. My philosophy is: If the punishment fits the crime. When they are creating havoc, housecleaning is a great tool -- I figure they must be bored, why not give them something to do that is both educational and productive. They obviously are young yet - so its age appropriate.

I am a stay at home - working mother. I do own my own business. It saves me money, it makes me money, and I get to do it all from home :) Ive become an avid online discount shopper for almost everything! In my profession, Im also a Certified Makeup Artist - which I absolutely love - makeup has always been my passion -- the art of it. Your face is my canvas. The cosmetic line is awesome, and allows me to custom blend, so that I can really do a lot more! What more can I say - I love it!!
I always take time with each of my children or group them -- meaning -- I always have a night or day with each child that I spend time with just them. We read together, watch a movie together, shop, or go do something else fun for the day - Just Mommy and Me day. Or I do a "boys and mom" day or Just the girls day. I feel with this many children, that its important to develop and keep each of them individuals as well, it helps me too - understanding each of their needs, their likes and dislikes, and helping them build and develop who they are :) (And its a break from the whole crew at once!!!)

I loooovvvvveeee coooking and baking -- but HATE the cleanup afterwards. Oh - and dont get me wrong - I know it sounds like I dont like to clean or something -- but I do love to clean - I love scrubbing and making things fresh -- its just that there isnt enough time in a day to 'do it all' -- so I make sure bare minimums are taken care of for sure :) - but anyways - I like crafts and arts -- i like doing them anyways - but I dont have any skills - its just a fun pastime, and the kids enjoy it too. I only know how to crochet (not sure if that is how its spelt, its another form of knitting, if that helps explain it....) I want to learn to knit, but Im soo analytical, and just dont get the concept, I would have to pull it apart to see how it works ;)

Im a tomboy, but I am still kind of the girly girl when i want to pamper myself - and my girls are the same way. Makeup and nailpolish and perfume, and of course shopping ;) But i love playing and watching sports, climbing a good tree, getting dirty in the mud, insect/reptile hunting and capturing, forts - the whole nine yards. And I love that I have both boys and girls to do both :)

Im a very compassionate person. I really do look at a scenerio in all aspects -- its just figuring out or problem solving where I get torn - because i agree with both sides of the matter - so its really hard -- "i like this because, but on the other hand..." type of person. It can really bite sometimes.

My bedroom is the catch-all -- what should be my sanctuary - is where all the stuff that I dont want people to see, or that I dont want my children to have - goes into my room. I think its a hereditary thing... my grandma and mom both have catch-all bedrooms, and so do my aunts/cousins ......... maybe we should see someone about this....

The bathroom has always been the easiest for me to clean - but I hate cleaning it because i have boys who clearing forget how to aim each and every time they go to the bathroom!! So the mess and the smell is terrible!

I like comedy and drama. I love horror and mystery novels -- I too am a bookworm - since i was a little girl. I actually remember the day I started reading books - my mom was reading a book, and comfortably lounging on the sofa with her legs up -- she looked so comfortable and lost into that book, and I wanted to be just like her - my wish came true ;) I love to read and read and read -- my husband doesn't like it, cause I tune everything out when i read -- but he doesnt realize as a mother -- its only his "nagging" that I tune out - the children are perfectly fine because my 'mother ears and eyes' are still on them!!!! LOL

Im a deep thinker, im a deep sleeper.

I like sex, but my libido is gone -- it takes a lot of energy to even think about sex -- doesnt surprise me - it seems when I finally feel like I want sex again - i get pregnant again -- thinking i need to make some changes - lol

Im overweight - been battling that one for a long time -- was pretty good looking and fit my jr/sr year in high school - started having kids and haven't seen the light since. Although Ive maintained around a steady weight -- i would love to back down to size again. Ive started a new weight management venture - which i absolutely love already, seeing results -- but want to see this through before I really get excited about it.

Im a freckle face.

Im in love with my husband, he busts his ass off for us -- and he always is doing things for me. He is very concerned for our children and my well-being on all levels. Its great, and I am just completely in love with him :)

Im a smoker. And I hate it. And I love it. I hate the smell, the taste, the effects of smoking. But I really enjoy smoking - the 'habit' of it. I dont know what it is -- Im actually looking into the new electronic cigarettes - you can get them plain without all the harmful crap in them -- then at least I can enjoy the "act" of smoking - without killing myself. And NO we dont smoke in the house or vehicles -- my children do not need to suffer from my habit.

Ok - this is "enough" for right now - my mind is fried trying to think about me and what im about. Im sure i will come back with more.

Marabeth - posted on 07/08/2010




I'm a pro-choice mother of one toddler girl. I plan on having at least one more child if everything goes as "planned." I don't think I'd circumcise a son if I ever had one. I work part-time decorating cakes. My career before I had my daughter was as a chef/cook. It was and is my life. I was raised by a family of cooks, have always worked in kitchens and met my husband working who is now an Executive Chef. I even have the first knife my mom handed down to me that I learned how to chop with tattooed on my forearm. I plan on going back to work in restaurants once my children are school aged (going to school for 6-7 hours a day while I work).

I live in the Pacific Northwest where there is a large variety of local foods in abundance, especially right now! The farmer's markets and u-pick farms are going nuts. Needless to say I make all our meals. I'm very pro-breastfeeding and wish the support was really there for new mothers like it should be but since it's not I realize that formula is a very healthy alternative. You know even in Cuba mothers get 12 weeks off 100% paid and upon returning to work receive two 30 minute breaks to nurse their children for as long as the nursing relationship lasts!!

Oh, and I'm agnostic but try to live by Christian standards in how I treat myself, those around me and the world I live in.

Meghan - posted on 07/08/2010




I am 23 year old single mom going through a bitter custody/divorce...I have a beautiful smart funny little boy Joshua-who I honestly think everyone should have the chance to meet! Ok...biased yes!

I live with my mother who I LOVE to pieces...but I can't wait to get outta here!

I am pro vaccines

Pro Life...as in a child being able to be brought into a happy healthy safe loving home....

Pro breast feeding only because my son didn't give me a chance in hell! I think every mom wants to do what is best for their child and as long as a child is being fed who cares how they get it!

I believe in Karma and chose to live my life as the best person I can be. I don't dismiss the fact that there is a higher power and respect everyone's choice to believe. However I hate when people preech and leave pamphlets on my door.

Pro gay marriage...adding to Hannah's comment-everyone deserves the right to be unhappy (HAHA)

VERY anti spanking! My son knows when I mean business...with that being said

I am also very sarcastic and love to laugh. I often use humour at inappropriate times. Some times laughing is all I can do. My son and I joke around A LOT and and may use humour while dicsipling more than I should.

I HATE my job (bartending..just at this buisness though, not in general) and can't wait to start school in the fall!

I hate telemarket calls (I used to be a telemarketer and I feel like calling to apologize...nonsense)...they always call at the worst freakin times!

I LOVE food...cooking it and eating it! I try to eat as healthy as I can and I encourage healthy eating with J...but I do find myself eating half a bag of bbq rice cakes every now and then

I LOVE TV and movies. Our house has the tv going almost 24/7...none of us really watch it. Just back ground noise. As soon as J goes to bed I have my shows and that is mommy time.

I hate the water...I shower regularly but the lake and pools gorss me out and often are just waay to cold for my liking.

I love smoking..gross I know-I quit while pregnant and did really well until I seperated from my ex. But one day I WILL stop!

I have 5 tattoos...my newest one is roman numerals for my son's bday...but the artist (who was btw highly recomened) informed me half way through that she was coming down from an extasy high...now it looks like my toddler son wrote on my wrist while I guided him with a perminant marker.

I suck at recycling and reusing...I wish I wasn't so ignorant to it but *shrugs* I'll work on it.

Hannah - posted on 07/08/2010




I wanted to add

Pro Gay Marriage. Everyone deserves to be happy!!!

Pro Vaccine- every child deserves to be safe and healthy

Pro Breast Feeding although I didn't.

Joanna - posted on 07/08/2010




I paint Paige's toe-nails too as a reward. She loves it! I even let her pick out her own toe-nail polish as part of her potty-training present (she was dry for a whole day, woohoo), and she picked out Yellow!

Gertie - posted on 07/08/2010




@ Holly...

I paint my girls toenails, too. It's the cutest thing, ever. I have a thing about that....haha.

[deleted account]

Forgot to say I am a Christian who feels that it is fine that not everyone believes what I do, I try not to push my views on people and try to respect others views. We had a naming ceremony for our son as he can then choose his religion whe he is older (my hubby is unsure to his beliefs)

[deleted account]

Ok so, I am a 25 year old mum of 1 wonderful miracle - we were told we could not have children and adoption would be an option for us, so to have a beautiful 9 month old son its a miracle :-) I hope to have another 2 children in the near future.

I have been happily married to an amazing man for nearly 4 years, I have been with him for 7 years in total andhave known him for over 12 years - he showed me round my paper round when I was a kid.

October is a busy month for my family my son was born on the 12th,my wedding anniversary is 14th, my bday is 21st and hubby's is 24th.

I am Pro-life because of my situation (before I was told I coul dnot have kids I was pro-choice) but feel that there are exceptions for example where a woman/ child is abused/ raped. I agree that women who use abortion as birth control should be steralized.

I vaccinate and intend to vacinate all my children - I feel that people who do not vaccinate are being very selfish (obs if there is a medical reason why not that is fine). I will not give the flu jab (or H1N1) as it is not neccesary and have never heard of a chicken pox vac.

My son does not watch tv - although as he gets older he can use it for 1 hr for recreational purposes.

I am (will be) a SAHM when my maternity ends I am not going back to work and will get an evening job for holiday funds.

I am against circumsicion - it is unneccessary. I feel that piercing babies ears is really tacky and cheap looking (sorry no offence meant) and I dislike males with pierced ears - my children will have to be 13 before I will consider any piercing.

I will teach my son about sex when he asks (I asked at 5 yo). But if he hasn't asked by 10 I will give him the basics - knowledge helps prevent accidents.

Organic is just another way for companies to get more money out of us. I make all my sons food from scratch - he hated the few jars I did try him on (for when we were out) so it's homemade all the way. I use fresh produce where possible love my SIL's eggs (her hens eggs) and the farm veg from down the road mmm.

I'm anti-spanking and will not spank any of my children there are better ways to discipline IMO.

I use the CIO method with my son for naps and bedtimes - he rarely cries for more than 5 mins and actually sleeps better than when I used to rock him to sleep. This method works for us I appreciate it won't for everyone.

I need routine not just for my son but for me - I don't get things done if I don't have some kind of schedule.

I love castles and cannot wait to take my son and explore castles with him (we've already been to our local one).

I love crafts (making cards, ceramic art etc) and drawing.

Reading gives me 5 mins of peace - I am a little crazy on Twilight. I just love the books (the films are ok). Ok I love vampires I've got so manyvamp books I have to read :-)

And just a random one I am right handed but have lefty tendancies - I eat left handed for example

Ok thats me in a nutshell - oh I almost forgot I am pro-people in that everyone deserves to be happy whatever your race, religion, sexuality etc let people get married and have kids; pro-feeding I would have loved to have BF for longer but had issues so moved to FF - if it works for you do it; and talk way too much lmao

[deleted account]

Oh, I also forgot to add that my parents have been married for 32 years and I look to them for inspiration on how to make a marriage last.

[deleted account]

Oh, and I forgot to put in (I knew I'd forget something!) I am pro-sex education. The more well informed our children are, the better their chances are of staying healthy and respecting themselves in my opinion. :)

[deleted account]

Well, here it goes! :)

I am a 24 year old mother of 3 beautiful little girls. I gave birth to my 2 youngest and my oldest was a 2 for 1 special when I married my hubby :D We have all our girls all the time and I am so blessed.

I am a Christian, Methodist to be specific. My dad is a pastor, so I was raised in the religion, but I was always encouraged to explore other religions and I chose to continue to practice in the Methodist church. I am not as active in the church community as I once was, but I feel that I am perfectly capable of worshiping on my own and I am content.

I married a man who I love with all my heart, even though he can be frustrating at times. He works really hrad to support our family and I am gratefull every day that I found him.

I used to be a dancer. My mom used to dance professionally in both San Fransisco and Berkeley and opened her own dance studio when I was a child, so I danced from the time I was 5 until I was 20. I used to have a great body from this and be able to eat whatever I wanted – which makes me feel like a blimp now in my after pregnancy days (even though my hubby says I am beautiful no matter what).

I love hiking, camping, backpacking, and generally being in the outdoors. All this revitalises my heart and soul.

I am a SAHM, but not by choice. I would honestly rather have at least a part time job and contribute financially to the family, but the economy is so bad right now that I can't find any thing. So, I stay at home with my kids and shuffle them off to my MIL for a day or two per week so I can have my little breaks (and so the kids don't drive me crazy! Lol).

I cook a delicious and home made dinner almost every night for my family. I do not stress about organic, but we only eat red meat once a week and I have learned that ground turkey is even better in all my old recipies as ground beef was! The only thing my hubby's grandma didn't like about me when we met was that I couldn't cook, so I have been learning over the past 4 years and I am getting the hang of it. Grandma Fay would approve now! Lol :P

I am pro-choice, pro-government, and pro-circumcision. My hubby and I argued constantly over whether we wanted to circumsize a son or not, but I like to think that God made the choice for us and gave us girls! :)

I do vaccinate my children, but on a more gradual schedule and nothing before 1 year. I feel their bodies need to be fully ready and my doctor agrees. The only vaccinations I do not give any of my children are the Flu shot and the H1N1 shot. I feel the flu shot is pointless and the H1N1 shot was too new for me to feel I could trust it.

I paint all my daughters' nails. I have done their toenails since they were babies (around 3 months or so) and I do their fingernails as soon as they stop putting their hands in their mouths all the time. I do not peirce their ears until the are older (we made our oldest wait until she was 5).

I am an avid reader and I go through about 3-4 books per week. I watch the shelves for new books by my favorite authors and I devour anticipated books in hours. I re-read all my books and I never tire of the stories or the characters. I feel a bok is made good by the character development and I like feeling like I am visiting old friends each time I re-read a book or read a new one in a series with the same characters. I hope to write my own books some day, though I am far from publication at this point. I am in school right now to become a book editor. I love the English language and all it's grammar and phonetic intricacies (though spelling is my bad area... lol).

I have an older sister and a younger brother. My sister has been married for 8 years and has given me a neice and a nephew. My brother is going to school in Las Vegas, Nevada and he is joining the Air Force after he graduates. He hopes to be a pilot and he makes me proud of him each and every day.

I am pro-gay/lesbian and I will defend my gay and lesbian friends until my face turns blue. I love tham all so much and I can't see how people can not see what wonderful people they are. I confuses me to no end and I don't think I will ever understand.

I give my children a swat on their butt if they deserve it, but I do not beat them and I only use it as a last resort. My kids know how far they can push me and they hardly ever get their butts swatted any more (even the 17 month-old – though I've only had to swat her once and that was just a few days ago, but she hasn't climbed on the counter high table since then!).

I am pro-formula, but I am also pro-breastfeeding. I tried with both my younger daughters and my ducts were clogged, so I had to formula feed. I actually like the formula because it got my oldest and my hubby more involved with the babies and they loved it as well. I think this is the main reason my oldest is so close to her younger sisters.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'll post more if I can think of it! :)

Jessica - posted on 07/08/2010




Oh wow, and I forgot to add but remembered because other people mentioned it. I'm absolutely pro-gay marriage and any kind of gay rights. I get really heated about this actually. I have had many friends who are gay, and my brother is gay, so its a hot topic with me. I totally can't stand homophobes and people who think gay people shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else, just because they prefer their own sex. Why does anyone think they have the right to control the rights of others based on something so personal??? I don't get it.

This is definitely an interesting thread btw!

Riana - posted on 07/08/2010




I’m a 31 year old mother of a gorgeous and strong willed 9yo daughter (Annika) and an loving mischievous impossible little 5yo boy (Kobus)

I am the most happily married person I know - surprisingly so as I married and had children at a very young age according to the acceptable norm.

Parenthood has been the biggest and most rewarding challenge of my life. Specifically as my son was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate and has had to undergo major surgeries. It has been a blessing is disguise as it has challenged me everyday to be a better person and to re-evaluate what it really means to be a mom.

I whole heartedly believe in proactive positive parenting (please join positive solution strategies it’s the best community ever!) so pro-choice, pro-communication, pro-putting a real effort into parenting, pro-strong family relationships. Obviously anti-smacking while my husband is pro-smacking but don’t really see how it is so relevant to people.

I work full time in marketing (don’t have a choice but wouldn’t have it any other way if I did). Pro-balance

Even though I am stubborn and opinionated I am also open minded and respectful of other people’s views. I hate nothing more than people who think they are always right and who judge other people for who they choose to be.

I believe in God but very anti-religion as it is so often abused and used to mind wash people and stop them from being allowed to think, ask questions, reason and live!

Definitely pro-breast feeding, specifically as I raised one breast feeding child and one formula child (due to medical reasons) so tried and tested both and definitely for, but never the less pro-choice and therefore also -

Pro-free thinking
Pro-asking questions and having opinions even when you are a child
Pro-nature, I use water and mud to keep my kids entertained rather than TV (obviously I live in Africa) but also
Pro-TV, kids need exposure and entertainment as much as we do.
Pro-sex education,
Pro-organic for people who can afford it - obviously not me
Pro-home made food!
Pro-piercing or tattoos (comes back to pro choice)
Pro-gay marriages

Couldn’t care less about sports politics or circumcision.

Anti-abortion (yes I’m still pro choice I just wish that people would be more respectful of the miracle that is life)
Anti-forced anything (unless you are a criminal / danger to society)
Anti-negative behaviour strategies (including spanking - yes there is a difference between spanking and abuse but it is very difficult to find - and besides, generally speaking most aggressive/negative/childish behaviour including screaming, kicking, biting, hitting, name calling and empty treats are counter productive and only make you look like a clown :-p

WOW and that is only a glimpse into my world – great conversation

[deleted account]

I am a 32 (almost) year old Australian woman. I am pro-choice, spiritual (non-religious), unmarried, live with my partner of 16 years (high school sweetheart), mother of one son 1 (almost) year old and 14 weeks pregnant with one of unknown gender. I have one full brother, two half brothers and two step brothers.

I am currently a SAHM, but I am studying my Masters in Midwifery by distance education. I am a Registered Nurse and love my job and can't wait to go back to work but wont do so until my partner is able to be a SAHD as childcare is not for me.

I do not vaccinate, I do not circumcise, I do not spank, I do not use CIO, I exclusively breastfed for 6 months, am still breastfeeding at 1 year, plan to continue breastfeeding through this pregnancy and beyond and tandem breastfeed if my son hasn't self-weaned. I love slings, baby carriers, anything that let me keep my baby close. I am a huge supporter of natural birth, home birth, informed birth choices.

Although I am a medical professional, I am disturbed by the often misplaced trust that people place in medical professionals and the industry. I encourage all my patients and friends and family to question all medical decisions and to learn and be involved as much as they can in any medical decision affecting them. I believe that health outcomes are only ever improved by increased consumer involvement. I think that pharmaceutical companies are often devious and profit driven and that they should have an ethical responsibility to provide better quality products and to disclose all aspects of their industry to the public.

I made all my own baby food using organic produce. I do all my produce shopping at a local farmers market and buy mostly organic, bio-dynamic, ethically and sustainably farmed local produce (all fruit, vegies, meat, dairy, eggs, coffee etc, I am lucky to live in an area where farming of many products is possible) where I can and am conscious of my shopping choices where I can't. I support fair trade, I read labels and ingredient lists. I DO eat junk. I believe in moderation, not deprivation.

I use cloth nappies. I use environmentally friendly laundry products and cleaning products. I like to buy as much organic clothing for my child/ren as possible. I part-time co-sleep. My son didn't sleep in his cot until he was 6 months and that was (still is) a gradual process.

I am a huge advocate for informed choice regarding any decision making.

I am strong willed and strong minded. I know that I have made some very unpopular/uncommon choices in my parenting but I couldn't care less what others think of that. I believe that my reasoning behind all these decisions is sound and I am confident that I am doing the right thing for my family. I give absolutely nobody the power over my emotions to 'make' me feel anything (selfish, guilty or whatever) no matter how they may try. I wish others would own their own choices and their own decisions more.

I love mexican food, cold, cold beers, good wine, good chocolate, sex, fishing, camping and hiking. I am a bit superstitious, but fight it with logic and reasoning. I have tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks. I want more tattoos but have high standards when it comes to artists plus I keep falling pregnant.

Of all the many jobs I have done in my life, being a mother is by far the hardest, but also the most rewarding.

C. - posted on 07/08/2010




ALRIGHT!!! I forgot a few things:

I am VERY American. I am proud to be from a wonderful country that actually does quite a lot for their citizens and I wish people would quit belittling the US. If you haven't lived here and experienced it, don't talk crap and if you live/lived here and hated it, perhaps you didn't make the best of it and there's only one to blame for that, IMO.

I am a Conservative (yeah, I know.. Such a HUGE surprise). BUT, if a Dem has better morals and better ideas, I am not afraid to go against.

I am Pro-Spanking. I was spanked as a child when necessary and do so with my son. I do use a couple other methods, such as talking and I started doing Time-outs again.. But sometimes he just needs a smack on the hiney.

I am for BFing, I am also for FFing. I do not care what you do, as long as your baby is fed something decent (ie: not fed something before they are ready). I just wish some BFing moms could realize that some of us have tried and physically cannot BF. It's not for everyone.

I am against BFing toddlers, though.. PERSONAL OPINION: I just can't stand when a child can walk right up to mommy and say they want the boobie..

I am ANTI-cereal-in-bottles. It's a choking hazard and I wish more people would wake up to that reality before something seriously goes wrong.

I love to cook/bake and plan to do even more when we move back to HI.

I am Anti-gay marriage.. I pretty much addressed this in my other post, I believe.

I was once told by a teacher that I'd never be able to play the violin b/c I have Erb's Palsy in my arm. I couldn't hold the instrument out to the side straight enough for her and was basically kicked out of her class (I was in 5th grade). I wish to this day I would have fought the school on that b/c there are even professionals that don't hold their instrument perfectly straight while playing..

I had severe PPD after having my son.. It even went as far as my husband having to call the MPs (military police) out to our house b/c I threatened to kill myself (hubby wasn't home at the time).

I wish people would stop brushing off PPD as some excuse for attention. It's real and it's horrible.

I hate when people brag about their kids and it turns out to be something my kid (or something a kid that I know) has been able to do since long before that age. That in turn prompts me to tell them that I know kids that have been able to do that, which makes me sound like I'M bragging.. Thus the vicious cycle continues..

Ez - posted on 07/07/2010




Oh I missed some lol.

I am 100% pro-gay marriage. I have several gay family members and the idea that they can't marry who they love makes me sad.

I used to really want a tattoo, but could never decide what to get. Now I'm glad I didn't.

The only store-bought baby food my daughter had was fruit purees. Everything else was home-made.

I stacked on a whopping 34kg while pregnant and am still 12kg away from my pre-preg weight.

Nikki - posted on 07/07/2010




I am a 28 year old mom of an extremely active, hyper, strong willed 13 month old boy and currently trying for baby #2

I am married to my best friend and my soul mate, and we have been together for 8 years

I am catholic and my husband is jewish, but in reality we are both atheist

I am SAHM til September when I go back to work (which is back to bartending so I can make alot of money fast and then can get parental leave when I leave hopefully 6 months later when Im prego with my second

I am a nervous wreck when you bring up the word daycare, I have been bawling my eyes out for months

My son is circumscribed and vaccinated. but never gave him the H1N1 vaccine or the Chicken Pox one either

I bottlefed my son, because I had no milk, and think it was the best decision ever, and my son is super happy and healthy and thrived off formula

I dont let my child live in a bubble, I let him get dirty so he can build an immune system

I dont believe in CIO or spanking, I never coslept, because my son is an explorer and will jump out of bed and destroy the entire house, but I did let him sleep in our room forever

I am a smoker but will never let my son be exposed to me smoking or anyone else, drink beer but very rarely, starbucks addict, and love candy

I am a nympho, I like it morning day and night, Im always in the mood, I also love to cuddle

My son doesnt watch tv, by his choice, it doesnt interest him unless its a commercial, we read lots of books and play games

I cant cook, except for the basics, but I watch cooking shows and crave everything they make but never try myself

I dont work out but I chase my son around and go on long walks with the dog, and I still hate my weight

I am pro choice, but pro life for myself

I am the most sarcastic person in the world and am constantly talking nonsense. I can be the sweetest person in the world, but if you cross me I can be the biggest bitch, just ask the hubby

I am a HUGE hockey fan and have already started teaching my son to hit a ball with a stick, hes really good for 13 months. I am also a big soccer fan and cried all day bc Germany lost

I would risk my life to save my son or my husband, they are the most important people in my life

My parents were the worst role models ever, a drunk and a drug addict. I vowed I would do everything in my power to be a better person and I am

I went to school for marketing and advertising, but I want to be a teacher, or I want to own my own business, oh the list goes on, I figure I have 2 years to figure it out, because after my second I am going to start a career, no more bartending, no matter how easy the money is

love Y&R and have been watching it since I was 4,. I pver a million shows and watch them til the wee hours in the morning

I have alot of OCD tendancies that drive my hubby nuts; locking all doors and windows, my food cant touch other food, knives always must be put away, everything has a place, i color coordinate my closet and drawers

I am pro gay marriage

I believe that everything happens for a reason and no matter how unlucky I am it will all work itself out in the end

I could go on for hours, but I am gonna stop:)

I have 2 tattoos and soon to be 3 when I get my sons name, I had everything pierced when I was younger, not anymore

Tanya - posted on 07/07/2010




I a 26 year old stay at home mom to my wonderful 5 month old son. He is my world. I love my husband Justin. He was the one that got away and came back. Its a long story and I have posted it in some other threads. Basically I had a crush on him and when I finally made my move his dad died. I love him more that anything. I am so lucky to have him.

As far as parenting goes. I soothe him to sleep. I breast feed. I do give him formula sometimes. Its rare but if I need to leave him with his grandma and don't have time to pump I will do it. I will not spank. He is cut. I do vax.

I do everything I can to save more for us. I hang dry all of our clothes. I do use coupons and I send off for free samples online. I unplug everything before I go to bed.

I was raised in the country and would love to get back to that. I love being outdoors. I want to move so badly.

I am not religious.

I would love to travel.

I love reading. I am trying to read every Stephen King book. I also like to read biographies.

Johnny - posted on 07/07/2010




I am a 33 year old pro-choice mother of one 23 month old daughter. I have been married to Steve for 5 years and common-law for 3 years before that. My parents have been married for 40 years this August.

I work part-time as a Major Projects coordinator for a construction supply company. I have a sociology BA and a social work Masters, but I had a hard time finding decent paid work in that field, and quit when I couldn't pay my rent and my student loan. I don't really love my job, but it pays the bills and I have a great boss.

I am an only child, and quite happy about it. I'm sure it would have been nice to have brothers & sisters, but I had a happy, busy childhood with loads of friends and family.

I am a non-smoker, a beer drinker, and a caffeine addict. I like sex and chocolate. I love to swim in the ocean.

I love to cook, garden, go on very long walks, read magazines (political/current affairs) and books (mysteries/political/current events). I would very much like to learn to knit.

I did emergency foster care for 2 years.

I am an agnostic atheist. I am a secular humanist. I am not a fan of religion. I believe in the concept of an individual personal faith, but have no patience for any form of religious proselytizing or forcing others to follow religious dogma they do not believe in.

I am also very pro-gay marriage and gay rights.

I am a political nut. I love politics and find current affairs fascinating. I am a geography whiz, I never get those questions wrong on Jeopardy.

My daughter is cared for by my parents when I am at work, although she will be starting daycare in 6 months. I am thrilled that my parents were so generous with helping out. My dad is actually starting to suggest that we keep her out of daycare and with them until she is 3.

I have vaccinated my daughter except for the chicken pox. I believe quite strongly in vaccinations, and I am glad that my daycare does not accept unvaxxed kids. I'm okay if people choose not to, I just wouldn't want their kids near mine.

I am still breastfeeding my daughter and I am very pro-breastfeeding. I had a breast reduction, and fought all the way through (until she was old enough to also drink milk) with having a reasonable milk supply. I even pumped at work until she was 18 months to maintain it. I took every drug & concoction in the book to improve my supply. She was supplemented with formula for the 1st 5 months, and then I was very happy to be able to get her off.

I have only once fed her jarred baby food. Otherwise, I always made all her own food. Most of the produce came from my MIL's garden, our garden or the organic farmer's market nearby (Whole Foods is way pricey!). We are not a junk food kind of family. My daughter doesn't even know what a McDonald's is.

We cloth diaper. I am militant about cloth diapering. Other parenting decisions are personal choices, but with a very few exceptions, I believe that using disposable diapers is killing the environment that we all share. So not a "personal" decision at all.

I very definitely do not spank. I don't consider it abuse, I just don't think it works at all. I was spanked and it did not scar me but I don't think it ever improved my behavior. My parents were actually keen on me not doing it with my daughter. I am a big fan of Love & Logic.

I wouldn't pierce my daughter's ears, but I actually think it looks cute on babies. I would never consider circumcising a boy, and that is something that COM changed my mind on. And my hubby's.

We are saving as much as we can because we would love to one day take our children traveling in South East Asia, to Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia. And when my children are grown I plan to retire to a beach house in Spain. When I win the lottery ;-)

Erin - posted on 07/07/2010




I am a 30 year old mother of 1 wonderful, smart, lovely 2 1/2 year old son, Wyatt. I have been married to Lukus for 5 years and been with him for 7. He is the only man I have ever been with.

I am pro-choice.

I vaccinated my son and will vaccinate my other children when the time comes.

I tried to breastfeed but that little bugger wouldn't latch for the life of me. I pumped for 4 weeks then went to formula.

I am currently a SAHM while attending college fulltime. I am going to school to either be a L and D nurse or a nurse in the ER. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 5. It took awhile but I'm ready.

I fed my son jarred baby food because I'm way to lazy to do it anyother way :) But maybe when I have more I would look into it.

I have an older sister and 2 older brothers. My sister is 14 years older than me. Brother is 11years older and the other is 3. My closest brother in age in one of my favorite people, we have shared a lot together.

My parents have been married for almost 45 years and they keep nagging us all for a 50th wedding anniversary party when the time comes!! I think they may deserve it:)

I have the BEST family in the world......we would do anything for each other.

I want to go to Australia before I die.

Jocelyn - posted on 07/07/2010




I love threads like these ^_^
I am turning 23 on sunday (but I feel older lol)
I have one boy (3.5 yrs) and one girl (9 months already! eep!)
I am Pagan, with some Buddhism throw in. But I love learning about all religions; I find it fascinating.
I am pro choice, anti circ, and anti infant piercing.
I vaccinate, but not for chicken pox or the flu.
I spank on occasion (which is rarely)
I am married (2 years in September!) to Jordan, a tattoo artist.
I have 8 tattoos and have had everything pierced at one point or another (well, except for one place...but I want that done too ;) lol)
I am an on-again, off-again smoker...
I recycle everything!
I am a vegetarian.
I can't cook to save my life, but I can bake!
I am an amateur photographer.
I am a book worm :)
I cloth diaper.
I EBF (and bf'd my son for 21 months, and still going strong with my girl!)
I am starting my own little business.
I am basically a SAHM but I bar tend a couple nights a week.
I want to go back to school, but I'm not sure for what (architect,
acupuncturist, philosophy, midwife or doula...)
I bellydance and I am learning how to pole dance ^_^
I rock karaoke.
I am a musical theatre geek (and will be performing at the end of July!)
I love a good bargain. I ♥ Value Village.
I just got my drivers license two saturday's ago!
I knit and cross stitch, make hair bows, sew my own skirts, scrapbook...really I do anything crafty lol.
Geeze...I think that's it for now!

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