Who's behind the curtain of the 99 percent Movement?

Jenni - posted on 10/11/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I've heard various suggestions of who's behind the curtain of the 99 percent Movement.

Some suggest The Working Family Party, SEIU, ACORN, The New Party, The DNC, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides, AD Busters, George Soros and The Obama Administration.

There has been plenty of criticism against the movement. The fear of the destruction of capitalism and replacement with government-controlled socialism.

Many critics are throwing around the fear mongering threat of Socialism (*cough Communism *cough) and Big Government. Yes, because Capitalism has benefited us all so well, Haliburton truly has my best interests in mind. *sarcasm*

I have a hard time believing it's going to go from one extreme to the other.

Why do they have to take it to such extremes?? Can't we strike a balance and all get along??? Take *some* of the power out of the hands of Corporate America, figure out a way to cut their linkage to government campaigns and the hold they have on the public officials? Take away their "Person" status and give that status back to the people? Make CEO's accountable for the crimes of their company instead of holding the company responsible? Find solutions to put a little humanity back into the corporate world?

Protesters are being called out as puppets to Socialists, paid protestors, dirty hippies, puppets to the Obama Administration, all anger and no action, a message which is convoluted etc. Is this all typical back lash to a revolution? Are they really be used as puppets to a bigger game?

Fears also loam that the "unorganized" movement will soon (if it hasn't already) be lead a stray by profiteers, and those with their own agenda in mind. Do they need to appoint their own leaders??

What do you think of the origins of the 99 movement?

What do you think of the negative feedback?

What do you think the movement will accomplish if anything?

Once the world is listening... what is their next step?

What do they have to do to accomplish their goals?

I know this is probably a lot to respond to... I have a lot of questions and I've been following the movement daily and almost hourly because I am seriously fascinated. I have not seen a movement to this proportion in my lifetime and touching on as many of my own issues with the Corporate World.


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I have no answers to your questions, Jenni (from the block -sorry couldn't be helped).

For some reason, the little voices are telling me that I should be yelling "Pinko commies go home!"... I rarely listen to "reason" like that though. :-)

This movement fascinates me too, but I wonder if it will accomplish anything before the disenchanted get even more disenchanted and just say "fuck it!" and go home.

Why does it have to be either extreme? The only reason I can think is because too many people are "all or none" thinkers. If it's not black, then it must be white. Not many like grey, even though life is full of it.

Unfortunately, I can't see anything taking Corporate America's hands out of the backs of the puppets... ER, I meant politicians. I hope it can happen, but not going to hold my breath. Their power has been growing for far too long and they far too entrenched in the political machine.

What can change things is if it all comes crashing down and gets rebuilt differently. Does it have to be so extreme? No, but I think that to actually facilitate this kind of change... To oust the very entity that has had control for so long... Yes, it will have to be extreme.

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