Why Every Woman Fancies Another Woman

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I thought this was an interesting article I was sent from a friend….

Made me go hmmm…..really???

There are several articles out there which debate whether all women are naturally bisexual or not. There are several others (especially by women) which mock such claims and reclaim the heterosexuality of the prettier sex. Presented here is a woman’s explanation of the much misunderstood issue.

OK boys, so that caught your attention because you are insecure with the thought (or just a nasty pervert!) and all you girls reading this, it struck a chord dint it? I am not implying that you are a lesbian, but hey… you probably know what I am talking about. If not, read on, you might identify with it.

Women love men, women love women, women LOVE. We are naturally nurturing and giving, and when this couples with the expressive and emotional ease we are gifted, it comes easy to feel affection for people in general. Not every caress has to be sexual with us. Women, well most of them, don’t cringe on kissing or dancing with another woman. In fact it is almost fun! Half the pleasure comes from sharing and exchanging affection and a greater half comes from ticking men off. None will deny the suppressed giggle when men are left feeling insecure and obsolete!

Women understand women better. Straight and simple and true. There is a definite charm in exchanging a knowing wink across the room, and especially over your man; and there is certain amount of warmth in bonding with same sex. There is a sense of freedom too; it’s a nice feeling to not need men, to free ourselves of the masculine charm that we are constantly under. It doesn’t take a scientist’s mind to understand that feminine energies bend towards masculine; it does take opposites to connect and electrify. So non-lesbian women fancying other women is not a denial of their attraction to men, if anything, it’s a confirmation of their want for men!

Women look at other women. This one is simple. Women are good to look at and no one can deny that. Even gay men think the we are beautiful and the woman form is attractive and charming, and the curves sure feel good to touch. Imagine yourself blind folded (all you girls, boys and every one in between) and graze your palm over a woman’s back… start at her neck and graze down a shoulder, feeling the curve of her back, down to the smooth rise and decent towards the thigh… as Stevie Wonder puts it.. Isn’t she lovely!

It is a compliment when someone thinks you are attractive, irrespective of the sex of that someone. And it is only polite that you return the compliment with a similar gesture. So when two women come across as being attracted to each other, it is more than likely that they are just complimenting each other in a way they know each will appreciate. That is not very difficult to digest now, is it? And if you see them taking it any further and kissing, well go read the third paragraph of his article again and you will understand. There is another explanation too; it is called exploring your wild side. There is fantasy and there is reality. And on most days, they don’t meet.


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Many people men or women, straight or not, view women as beautiful. The way our bodies curve, the way some imperfections make us perfect, our delicate hands, and most of all how you can see women through their eyes. I think women especially appreciate a the physical and emotional beauty of another women.

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I think there's a big difference between loving sexually and loving in a family caring type of way. I love my female friends like in the concept that if they died it would really affect me but I don't fancy any of them.

Petra - posted on 10/15/2010




That totally makes sense, Loureen - this article put me off, though. It smacks of man-hating and it puts female homosexuality down to a common appreciation of beauty, rather that what it actually is.

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I actually think women are capable of appreciating a woman’s sexuality and sensuality without it being in a lustful or sexual manner .

Does that make sense ?

Louise - posted on 10/15/2010




I think women have a unique relationship with each other and often do not have to say anything to know what the other is thinking. I can have an indepth conversation with a woman and many views will be the same. Saying that I would not go as far as saying women are bisexual as I have never found a woman sexually appealing in my life. Every woman eyes another woman up to see if they are the same standard for example hair, nails and clothes. I think some women out there are stunning looking but not in a sexual way. It is only natural for a woman to compliment another on her appearance what she really means to say is sod it you look better than me!

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