Will you convert FB or Google?

Natasha - posted on 07/11/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I saw an alert today while opening up my AOL saying that google is or has a social networking site that can be better than facebook :O Chatting with multipule people on video chat, I mean I love the internet and would probably love this but do we really need more pervs getting connected to our kids? Anyway what do you think about it? and will you cross over?


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Google+ is still in it's baby stages, but I joined with my mom, my sister and one of my best friends and e're already enjoying it. I'm still keeping my FB, but I'm going to use Google+ for my really close friends (as opposed to just my aquaintances who randomly find me through others on FB). I see it as a way to kinda start fresh with social networking and only add those I really like :)


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Lady Heather - posted on 07/12/2011




Yeah, I think I will keep facebook for more public stuff and use Google+ for my closer friends and family. I think the whole deal with the Google thing is that it is more private than facebook. At least that's what I got out of my brief few minutes playing around with it. Or at least it's my opportunity to keep things more private.

Elfrieda - posted on 07/12/2011




I'm always a late adopter to anything. I figure, let other people go through all that hassle, and I'll join once everyone I know tells me to. :) That's how I got on Facebook. They're not very ethical, so I avoid any applications and games, but I like seeing what's going on with people that live far away or that I don't talk to very much.

Stifler's - posted on 07/12/2011




Meh. I used to have Myspace and hated Facebooks guts. Now I have deleted my Myspace haha and go on Facebook a lot. It might take off it might not.

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Google is starting their own network site, its in beta right now so not too many people are able to use it, I think it might be interesting but im a loyal facebooker I dont think ill be switching completley. :)

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