Winter Blues, Do they affect your parenting?

Jenni - posted on 03/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok so this is a question for those of us in colder climates. Do you get a major case of the blahs in winter? Does it affect your mood? Your families' mood? Does it affect how you normally parent in other seasons?

So my friend and I were talking.... about how our 2 and 3 year olds are driving us bonkers lately! But it seemed to start not because they were really doing anything out of the ordinary, just our ability to cope. Then our little sponges began picking up on our moods and developing moods of their own. For a few weeks I was at my witts end, pulling my hair out with my son's increase in attention-seeking naughty behaviour! He was also getting more agressive towards his sisters. I think I gave more TOs in that time than I have the entire year and they have never been more ineffective. So anyways, It took our talk for us to finally realize it was our own attitudes causing the new phenomenom of naughty behaviours and bad moods in our children.

I love December!!! I'm in great spirits during this month. Even January isn't all that bad. But by February..... When will it end??? and March? I mean, what the hell... isn't March suppose to be the start of spring.... why is there still so much damn snow?!

My husband and I are huge outdoor people... probably why we are so affected by the seasons. We spend every day in the spring, summer, fall OUTSIDE!! We go to the beach, garden, have BBQs, sunbathe while the kids play, go to the park, go camping, hang out at my inlaws pool, go on tons of nature walks, visit provincial parks, go to the zoo, have outdoor playdates.... SIGH. Just talking about it now makes me yearn for the spring.

So when we are stuck indoors in the winter, in our tiny little house with zero windows. We get claustrophobic, bored, argue more, are short-tempered, lazier, the house is a mess and overall moody. My kids are always dressed, hair-brushed, teeth-brushed and ready for the day before 8am... except in the winter... we spend a lot of days sitting around in our jammies all day :P I have a shorter fuse with my son and lose my patience easier, am quicker to yell. Which I hate myself for doing. It only makes matters worse. I am lazier with my children, not as involved with them. I become more selfish, as in wanting to spend more time on my own doing my own thing. I don't know, I try to stay in good spirits, keep busy, stay positive for my kids... but I always seem to fall back into a RUT and then have to pull myself back out of it.

Anyone else feel this way? How do you cope if you're affected by the winter blues? Do you find they affect how you normally parent? Any helpful suggestions for keeping busy and in good spirits in the winter?



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Jenni - posted on 03/11/2011




Yes, that's true. It probably affects us more when we have really young kids. My SO was saying the same thing last night. It'll be a lot better when they're older and enjoy playing out in the snow.

Jenn - posted on 03/11/2011




Yes it does affect me and my mood and everyone around me. It usually kicks in around the end of February or early March. It probably wouldn't be so bad if we weren't stuck at home, or if the kids could at least go out to play, but my girls are only 2 and Shelby hates going out in the snow. Every time I've taken her out to play she gets pissed off and cries pretty much the whole time and just lays on the ground, so it's no fun for anyone. Once they're older it probably won't be such an issue.

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