Woman kills her stepchild via poison......

Sharon - posted on 03/15/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




... and gets charged with manslaughter...

Man drives drunk and kills a child and gets a MISDEMEANOR conviction a $500 fine and 2 years in jail - if that. This is a man with prior convictions no less and broke parole when he drove drunk and killed someones baby boy.

I honestly don't understand our legal system. Its a fact that woman set out, premeditated, to poison the baby that wasn't hers to get him out of her life and her boyfriend/husband. To make room for her expected baby/babies. WHY???? is she being charged with manslaughter?

Would tougher laws deter people? I know they won't stop the truly insane or stupid but would tougher laws and punishments actually stop some of this?

I honestly believe tougher punishments would stop some of these drunk drivers. I'm not sure about the fuckheads who kill kids on purpose.... I do think she deserves death for what she did. just to get her out of society.


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For drunk drivers: 1st offense - license suspended for a year.
2nd offense - license suspended for life

That's what I think would help.

Now about that woman who killed her step kid...she would have done it anyway. She's probably crazy. Tougher laws wouldn't mean anything to her.

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Lisamarie - posted on 03/23/2010




I blame lawyers! I watched a true story about this the other day. A man watches his son get murdered during a break in at their home, the dad was gagged and bound and hit over the head, two men broke into the house, one of these men hit the dad and killed the son. When it came to court the killer testified against his accomplise (who thought they were just there to rob the place) and because the dad had passed out for a minute after getting hit they wouldn't use his evidence so the killer got a few years for burglary and the accomplice got the death sentence!! All because the lawyer wanted to keep his conviction level at the top end of the board!!
It really makes me sick. I agree with Sara H about drink drivers being banned for life after their 2nd offence!

Charlene - posted on 03/22/2010




I think it's sad that people are literally getting away with murder.

There just seems to be no justice nowadays. Stiffer sentences are definitely needed, especially when it comes to crimes against children.

In my home province recently, a man was on trial for shaking a 10 week old baby. He ended up breaking the baby's leg, injuring his spine, permanently brain damaging him and causing the need for a feeding tube for months. In the time it took for the trial to play out, the guy changed his story several times. First he said that he wasn't the last person with the baby, that the baby's alcoholic grandfather was. Then he said that they were giving the baby his oxygen treatment, but forgot to dilute it and they had to do CPR. Then he said that he was walking with the baby and fainted due to low blood sugar.

Despite all of this, the judge only gave him two years less a day so he wouldn't have to go to federal pen.! The guys in fed. pens. do not take too kindly to people who harm children, so the judge actually took pity on a person who nearly KILLED a child and then tried to cover his tracks with several different stories.

I thought the penal system was there to get justice for the victims, but obviously not.

Tah - posted on 03/17/2010




if she killed my baby the cops and the law would be the least of her worries...and i am so serious about this...

Esther - posted on 03/17/2010




I actually don't think (in most situations anyway) tougher laws would make any difference in terms of deterrence. I'm sure this woman fully expected to get away with her crime so the punishment was pretty much irrelevant. I do think they would make a big difference in the sense of justice received for the victims after the fact.If someone had done that to my kid, I would want the fingernail pulling to begin..

Rosie - posted on 03/16/2010




i agree that our justice system needs a major overhaul. i'm addicted to crime shows, forensic files, coldcase files and what not, and i've found out that alot of times prosecutors don't feel they have enough evidence to warrant first degree murder and instead of letting them off completely they go for a lesser charge. while i hate this, and i would have this womans head on a platter if it were my child, i feel that sometimes going this route is the only way to make sure they pay somehow.

i kindof feel that drunk driver penalties aren't harsh enough, but i don't think they would deter first time offenders, maybe second or third time offenders. my sister has 2 dui's under her belt, and i don't think she'll learn until someone dies as a result of her actions. even then i think she'd have a hard time learning from it since she's a major alcoholic in denial.

it boggles my mind how someone can get paroled when convicted of first degree murder, yet someone who gets caught with drugs will go to jail for the rest of their life in some instances.

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Dont know if it would deter people but i think longer harsher sentences would at least make the public feel safer. Also if that was my baby she'd poisoned i'd be doing time because i would have killed her. What an evil cow!

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That kid wasn't hurting no one and that lady is STUPID to think that someone couldn't have enough love in them to love both their kids, regardless of who mothered them...geezus! If you don't want to deal w/another mums baby then don't date a dude w/kids HELLO!!!

I agree that ppl who kill ppl in drunk driving accidents get off light! I'm currently bothered by the justice system...my brother was 11mos into his DUI adversion parole...1 month left to go and he got drunk, went roaming around half naked, got mugged, went to someone's house (stranger) and was beating down this dude's door...he was drunk, half naked, and just had the sh!t beat out of him...dude welcomes him w/a gun...understandable. Well the police were of course called and no one was listening to him and he got mad and threw a rake, breaking the homeowner's window. Now they are trying to get him to plea to a felony charge to knock off his 2 misdemeanors...some felony burglary/home invasion or some crap? But the cops were ALREADY there and he was NOT trying to break into anyones house??? So seriously why on earth would someone think he should plea to a FELONY! to get 2 misdemeanors off his record? A felony he didn't commit mind you! He'd never get a job if he was convicted of a felony, that is seriously the stupidest plea! I just can't believe it! I know, he was drunk and STUPID! He was still on parole and they are f*n with him... but seriusly plea to a felony he didn't commit??? WOW...good justice going on here!!!!

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