Would this website/commericals change your minds about corn syrup?

Amanda - posted on 06/20/2011 ( 14 moms have responded )




Relabeling high fructose corn syrup as “corn sugar” enables consumers to easily identify added sugars in the diet. Learn more.


“Regardless if it’s honey, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup or just plain sugar, we metabolize it the same.” Carrie Taylor, R.D., L.D.N., Registered Dietitian for Big Y Foods, ABC 40 News At 12, April 8, 2009


Amber - posted on 06/20/2011




Sugar is NOT sugar.
High fructose corn syrup is made differently from regular sugars. They process glucose into fructose because it is twice as sweet and therefore cheaper. It is harder for the body to digest due to these differences.

The body digests glucose (regular sugar) in about 1 day. It digests high fructose corn syrup in 3-4 days.

Glucose can be metabolized by any cell in the body, which speeds up the process. Glucose also causes the pancreas to release insulin; which tells your brain that you are full, preventing overeating.

Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver. The liver is also the place where excess glucose is stored. When levels become too high, the liver will convert it to fat instead of metabolizing to save the body energy. (This is where you should remember that 3-4 day process...that's why the conversion to fat cells happens.)

This is really one thing that gets to me. My nutrition professor actually spent 2 weeks ranting on this and had us watch the movie "King Corn". You'll never forget how bad it is for you after watching that.

This web-page covers most of what I've talked about:

Kate CP - posted on 06/20/2011




Did you know we have consumed enough corn that it's become part of our DNA? I don't eat corn. I don't buy things with corn or corn syrup or corn by-products in it. I refuse to eat that crap.

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Sugar is pretty much sugar...I'll give you that. However we use raw sugar. I find that it is much sweeter so I can use much less. For example, we used to use a cup of sugar in a gallon of sweet tea. When we switched we were able to reduce the sugar to 1/2 a cup. Even though we are still consuming sugar we are taking in much less. Since switching to raw sugar and whole wheat and eliminating potatoes and corn in our diets my husband has lost about 20 lbs since January. That's ALL we've done. And we pretty much only ate whole wheat and didn't buy processed foods before that anyway. I think I'll stick with my raw sugar. =)


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Stifler's - posted on 06/22/2011




What the hell is corn sugar and why would anyone buy it?! I use cane sugar... I'm from Bundaberg. LOL.

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Ummm... My brother-in-law is allergic to high fructose corn syrup (and you would not believe how much food has it unless you have to make sure not to buy food with it!). Calling it something esle is not going to make it something else or make people with allergies any less allergic to it. Plain and simple.

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haha of course they are going to defend it.
Thats like Monsanto defending themselves for suing farmers because their (monsanto's) patented seeds blew into a neighboring (natural) farmer's land and got mixed in his crop. Patenting seeds, can you believe it?!

Teresa - posted on 06/22/2011




It doesn't change my mind about high fructose corn syrup. I prefer plain old sugar thank you very much.

Jayce - posted on 06/21/2011




Call it corn syrup or corn sugar, I really don't care, I'll still use it to make my peacan pies and butter tarts.

Bridgette - posted on 06/21/2011




I dont get any of my health information from TV, and really dont think that you should take anything you see there as fact - if it shoulds interesting then look it up and know the facts first!!!

Rosie - posted on 06/20/2011




well, it IS metabolized the same. sugar is sugar. my problem with it is the whole mass producing corn and gentically altering it, and suing anybody else who tries to raise non GMO corn. not to mention all the roundup sprayed on it....

Mrs. - posted on 06/20/2011




BS....that commercial actually makes me happy because it may mean that the high fructose corn syrup people are feeling the squeeze of the consumer not wanting to be fattened up like livestock.

You know what, of all those sugar...I don't eat any of them...so they can suck it as far as I'm concerned.

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