Would you buy your teen a sex toy?

Lana - posted on 06/04/2013 ( 15 moms have responded )




I came across a meme on facebook with a teen of about 16 holding a very large dildo. The caption read:
" Parents got this for me for xmas and they wonder why I never come out of my room and why it always smells like pussy."
On one hand I was glad that her parents were allowing her to self medicate her young sexual urges, but on the other I found it outrageous to open a sexual door for such a young child. Would you buy a sex toy toy for a teen?


Lee - posted on 06/17/2013




ok sixteen is not a child, it is adolecent. second it sound like something a 12 yo boy would say in an attempt to shock. third think about this. a dildo is not going to get a girl pregnant. as long as you have tought her about personal hygiene she will not get an infection. also a dildo is certainly safer than a candle or hairbrush handle. and emma, you daughter has probably been stroking herself to sleep from a very young age. it's normal so grow up!!!!!

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I find the fact that they gave her a sex toy and the way she brags about it on facebook both disturbing. I think it's great to tell your kids that its perfectly healthy to masturbate but I would definitely never buy my kid a sex toy or porn. I feel it's inappropriate

Claire - posted on 06/14/2013




I'm not sure there is much difference between using a toy or their fingers. I'm not sure mine would be brave enough to ask me to buy her one but my sister did get me one when I was 16.

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Desiree - posted on 06/24/2013




Umm No would be the first thing that sprang to my mind. I have a 15 year old daughter and yes I have discussed sex on a number of occassions, she knows she can talk to me at anytime she has questions, but toys I draw the line at least for a long while yet! Its bad enough that both her father and I had to have along discussion about porn because some little twit of a friend told her it was okay to watch porn if she felt the urge. Yes so ok that when we told her that I fell pregnant earlier this year she turned to her father and asked him in an incredulouse voice" Dad what did you do?" almost as if her parents having sex was a foriegn possibility. So no she is definatly not old enough for any more than growing up at this point in her life.

Sarah - posted on 06/12/2013




There's a reason you have to be 18 to go into those stores! They're called ADULT sex shops. I wouldn't do this, because instead of discouraging underage sex, I think it would encourage it and I don't want my daughter having sex until she's mature enough to deal with the consequences. I know it's likely to happen anyway, but I wouldn't encourage her to do so, just inform her of safe practices if I feel she needs the info.

Anonymous - posted on 06/11/2013




That girl was trying very hard to get attention. If her parents are buying her sex toys, they are scum of the earth. Hopefully, this is just a troll and the posting was just to cause controversial attention.

Sally - posted on 06/07/2013




That's horrifying. The Facebook meme is probably made up, but there are parents who would do that. They would think they were being enlightened.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/06/2013




Lana, you spend too much time on FB, girl!!! LOL

Sounds like a troll to me too, but the answer is: If they've got money and they're over 18, they know where the "girly" books and toys can be found. If not, they don't and I ain't showin' them! LOL

In other words, nope...

Emma - posted on 06/05/2013




I feel quite sick after reading that. The thought alone, of my beautiful daughter doing the umm, you know what, with a you know what, in the bedroom I decorated for her , surrounded with bears and family Photographs actually makes me want to jet vomit!!!!!

I prefer to buy her shoes, clothes, and book

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/05/2013




No I would not. I am all about sex education and providing my children with protection, and armed with information, but that skeeves me out. I will not by my child a toy specifically designed for masturbation and sexual pleasure. That is crossing the line.

Jodi - posted on 06/05/2013




Hmmmm, that sounds like a troll FB post to me.

But no, I wouldn't buy my teen a sex toy. It's in the same category as a smart phone - you want it, you buy it yourself with your own money. But it is not my responsibility to provide it to you.

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