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Desiree - posted on 03/27/2011




I don't know much about the book, except it wasn't my favourite book. But that definatly left some food for thought. To me it was also the most logical way of dealing with the things life gives you.

Jessi - posted on 03/26/2011




i LOVED that book. i think im going to do the same and re read because while i definitely thought he was a great man, at the age i had read the book at didnt realise that also made him a father role model type. great post!

Krista - posted on 03/26/2011




Definitely a wonderful book, and I love Atticus Finch's quiet, sure morality. He doesn't come across as thinking that he's better than people, and doesn't talk down to them, but he just goes along, living by his own integrity, and instilling that integrity in his children.

[deleted account]

One of the best books ever written. I wanted to name our new baby Harper...girl or boy. Husband shot it down.

Anyway, yes Atticus is a great father. There are many life lessons to be learned from the book.

Some scenes stick out from the movie too. One of Atticus's clients paid with a bag of pecans or walnuts...don't remember. Another scene one of the poor kids in town came over for dinner and put syrup over his entire plate. Scout made a smart comment about it. This time it was the house hold help that scolded Scout. One of the best lines from the movie was after Tom Robinson was convicted. Atticus was leaving the courtroom and all the black people in the balcony stood out of respect for him. Scout had snuck up there to watch. One of the ladies told Scout, "Jean Louis, stand. Your father is passing" Yes, Atticus, though fictional, was a great man.

Hmmm...I think it's time to pull that book and movie back out.

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