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Chris and I had Wyatt at the childrens hospital for an appointment recently. The office was really busy so I took Wyatt for a walk up and down the hallway. Wyatt was 19 months old at the time but his corrected age was 16 and a half months so he is tiny. Another mother also came out of the office with her baby in his stoller and asked how old my son was. I told her he was 19 months. She the asked me to guess how old her son was. I had no idea so I said 9 months. She exclaimed I was right but everyone always thinks he is much older because he was a bigger baby.
Weight wise I would guess he was the same as Wyatt. She then said she wished she had a small baby and how luckey I was to have a small baby. She also jokingly asked if we could trade babies.
Now baby size is not a big deal for me. But I have also noticed on COM the amount of women concerned with not having a small baby.
I wonder why this is such a concern...I'm not talking about health issues just big babies.


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ME - posted on 06/01/2011




My babes were both over eight pounds at birth, but then slow to gain weight...Miles was 19 lbs at 12 months and at 3 years he's still under 30 lbs...Mayah is 15 months and about 21 lbs...Miles met other benchmarks on time, Mayah is a little behind, but not much...I'm not worried at all...about either of them...tho, i do sometimes wish they'd eat like my sister's kid...she is 17 months and almost as big as my three year old :)

Minnie - posted on 06/01/2011




I make skinny babies. My first daughter's pediatrician and nurses insisted that my milk was 'not good enough' and had me wean her at 12 months. They wanted butter and junk put in all of her food from six months on- because she was in the third percentile for weight- and had dropped sharply then from the fiftieth percentile.

Well you know what? She hasn't increased in her growth at all. Still in the third percentile at five years old.

I actually had a (former) close friend consider calling CPS on us because Evelyn didn't weigh what she thought she should. Despite my RN mother being comfortable with her weight.

Well, I've done it again and have produced another offspring, fiftieth percentile until smack at six months dropped down to the third again. And still is in the third at 31 months, still breastfeeding.

I hate them being judged for their weight. Some people go on about how they can see their ribs in their backs, their lack of chub...well you know what? My five year old takes ballet every week and my 2 1/2 year old can scale the fridge. They're hardly unhealthy.

I wish some would keep their noses out of it or politely express their concern rather than nearly sending the authorities upon us.

Jenn - posted on 06/01/2011




Your boobs don't have to feel "full" for there to be lots of milk. I breastfed twins, and my boobs were only large and full in the beginning, and they had lots of milk.

Anyway, I've never really seen anyone talk about wanting a big baby. My son was always around the 50th percentile, one of my daughters is also around the 50th, but my other daughter is around the 3rd percentile, but they are all normal, healthy, active, happy kids. As long as your child is not being starved, and not being fed crap food and is obese, then who cares what size they are?

Rosie - posted on 06/01/2011




people always want "normal" when it comes to their kids. or they want what they don't have. i have 3 LITTLE boys. they were born rather big each one was 8 or 9 lbs. but then they just didn't grow much. my second boy is finally in a "normal" weight and i feel relieved. my oldest at 11 is 58ish lbs. he's less than the first percentile, always has been. my youngest is 28ish lbs at age 4. he's also less than the first percentile and always has been. i want a big baby/child. when vinnie (my middle boy) finally got into the "normal" range i felt some weird sense of accomplishment. i think it could also be because of all the crap i've had to deal with in regards to their other problems that cause their weight to be less than ideal, that i feel that way.

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Size did matter to me becasue my son was a small baby at birth, 4lbs 13 oz, and then was a slow weight gainer. I cried and cried thinking I was doing something wrong. Why wasn't he putting on weight? He was always on the lower end of those percentile rankings. In the 1 1/2 years, he met milesstones on the later end of the average spectrum. But my pediatrician never once commented at all becasue he was a healthy baby, and was eventually meeting milestones. He predicted that by age 2 there would never be any sign of low weight or later milestones. he was right. My son was the 2nd tallest Kindergarten kid this year among the 3 classes and weighs a solid 50 pounds.

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My mum thinks it may just just not drinking enough water , I dont drink much and as much as I try Ijust kind of forget, and I just think since my boobs are usually feeling empty it seems there is not alot of milk and a few other things, but as long as she's still gaining Im ok with it :) Ive never actually asked my child health nurse about it or any professionals

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Mel, my oldest was 17 lbs (8kg) when at one year. I had enough milk, she was just so small. It was other people suggesting to me that I didn't have enough. The doctor kept me reassured though. There is nothing wrong with having a baby in the 3rd or 5th percentile. =)

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omigosh Erin , Brianna only hit 8kg probably around 18 months and Paige got there around 8-9 months old. Amazing the difference in size in different babies.

Sara - thats one of the reasons my second bubba is petite I dont make enough milk, she has to feed half the night and day, but I stil can't seem to bring myself to quit breast feeding lol. I get told at least every other day its time to put her on formula now, I have to keep explaining I dont want to yet.

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I think theres good and bad sides to both - small babies your constantly worried about thier weight and when they get sick you freak, thinking they cant afford to be any smaller then theres the constant comments "shes very small isnt she, or the only way I can tell her age is by the amount of teeth she has, Ive worked in daycare and Ive never seen a baby that small " etc. I was kind of excited at the idea of a baby with some weight on her second time around, the normal baby rolls but then it ddnt happen and I like petite babies. Overweight or chubby babies usually look kind of grose to me. Petite is nice :) Oh also u dont have to wake the bigger ones up for night feeding, thats what I LOVED about my second being born slightly above average, even if she didnt stay that way due to me breast feedng her (with the formula she was stacking it on each week). I do think she would have ended up petite anyway, but a tiny big bigger would have probably been less stress. EVerytime shes on those scales I sit there thinking really ? She eats everything in sight and really shes only gained that much Im happy to have healthy kids at the end of the day its really not a major importance. Happy healthy girls after all

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Size has never bugged me. Neither of the girls were 9 pounds yet at 2 months. My son was almost 13 pounds at 2 months. I was 13 pounds at 13 months. Kids come in all shapes and sizes. :)

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Babies are babies. I think that each baby is unique and should be treasured for the sweet angels they are no matter if they are/were big or little babies. Unless there is an actual medical concern mommies need to just deal with themselves and just love their babies no matter their size.

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I haven't really seen anyone being concerned with not having a small baby....maybe I just hang out in the wrong communities.

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I love my big babies 10lbs and 11lbs with their rolly little legs ( not to mention they were LONG ) .

So I have no idea as to why people are concerned , I cannot relate at all .

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I had a big baby. She was 9lb 6oz, 22in born, 8kg (17.6lbs) by 4 months and 10kg (22lbs) by 7 months. She spent a lot of time above the 100th percentile in both weight and length (but usually not at the same time - that seems to be how growth spurts work). Now, at almost 2.5yo, she is 16ish kg (35lbs) and much taller than her peers (not sure of the exact measurement, but at her 2yo check up she was off the top of the chart again). She is just a big kid. And I've always dealt with people thinking she's older than she is, especially since she is an early talker. It doesn't bother me. It is what it is.

The only way I can relate to the OP is that I do sometimes feel I missed out on that tiny newborn baby stage. She was big, and then grew SO FAST, that she was never really like a newborn. But I was never going to have a little 7 pounder, so there's not much to be done about it lol. Otherwise, I see no need to focus on a child's size (unless there is a medical concern of course).

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It seems that in infants big equals healthy. And I think some people think all babies should be in the 50th percentile. This was a problem for me. My oldest has always been under the 10th percentile. She's perfectly healthy, but it was suggested that I wasn't making enough milk...not by the doctor, she was great.

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