Your own religion is.....

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From The Huffingtonpost

If you started your own religion what would you call it? What would the ten commandments be IF you had any? (I added that last part)


Tara - posted on 06/27/2011




Universal Realism.
1. The Earth and the creatures that live on it are more important than money, ALWAYS.
2. All creatures are free to live without violence or physical persecution regardless of age, gender or species.
3. No one shall have more than they need and no one shall have less than they need.
4. All people are equal.
5. All water is sacred and treated as such.
That's all I have right now.


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Jenni - posted on 06/27/2011




The Avoidant Necromancists (or Survivalists of the Imminent Zombie Apocolypse, SIZA)
1. Cardio
2. Check the backseat
3. Double tap
4. Carry a Swiss Army Knife
5. Shoot first
6. Wear seatbelts
7. Avoid stripclubs
8. Carry a change of underwear
9. Travel light
10. Enjoy the little things

-from the Holy Movie, Zombieland

Jenny - posted on 06/27/2011




I'm just going to join Tara's. I like the ideas of Pantheism too.

Pantheists revere and care for Nature, we accept this life as our only life, and this earth as our only paradise, if we look after it. We revel in the beauty of Nature and the night sky, and are full of wonder at their mystery and power.
The World Pantheist Movement represents a naturalistic approach to pantheism. Our beliefs and values embody the following basic principles:
* Reverence, awe, wonder and a feeling of belonging to Nature and the wider Universe.
* Respect and active care for the rights of all humans and other living beings.
* Celebration or our lives in our bodies on this beautiful earth as a joy and a privilege.
* Strong naturalism - without belief in supernatural realms, afterlives, beings or forces.
* Respect for reason, evidence and the scientific method as our best ways of understanding nature and the Universe.
* Promotion of religious tolerance, freedom of religion and complete separation of state and religion.
The World Pantheist Movement exists to promote these beliefs and values, to make earth-honoring life-affirming naturalistic beliefs widely available as a spiritual option and a rational alternative to traditional religions, to facilitate networking among reverent naturalists, and to encourage formation of local groups.

JuLeah - posted on 06/27/2011




Hummm .... I'd call it ANI for As Nature Intended

I like the ten commandments actually, as they were orginally. Not so much as they are understood today.

I'd keep the orginal .... who ever wrote them had some amazing insight .... I mean, they start with "I AM" and if you get that ... all the rest is commentary

Firebird - posted on 06/27/2011




I can't think of a name for a religion, but my commandments would be... 1. Don't fuck with me. 2. ...... actually, that's all I've got. =)

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