What to do with a grumpy husband that won't say whats bothering him?


Linda - posted on 05/11/2011




Well in my experience, if he has always been that way, just give him space, make sure he knows that whatever it is your NOT gonna be angry, and that your here for him. Hopefully he comes around.... My husband gets cranky sometime and wont tell me because he thinks it might hurt me or he dont want to worry me.. So keep in mind he might not want to tell you because alot of guys think its weak when they cant solve a prob on their own. But just let him know that marriage is a 50/50 deal and your in it together without being too pushy or clingy.. Good luck..


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Jade - posted on 05/20/2011




i have the same problem! little do men know its so much easier to open up, they're so stuborn sometimes. i corner my man and nag nag nag till he tells me. maybe this could work for you?

Jenn - posted on 05/11/2011




Give him space. It is called the Rubber-Band-Effect, and it works, but it can be hard to do because as women it goes against what comes natural to us-which is to try to comfort and find out whats wrong. The idea is when hubby seems distant, grumpy, etc, instead of trying to get closer to him, mirror his actions with your own by spending time by yourself doing something you love, like working on a p[project or pouring yourself into your work etc. This is where the Rubber-Band-Effect takes place. Imagine a rubber band around you and your hubby's unit, he pulls away a bit, so you do the same. This causes him to snap back to you. However be patient it all depends how much time he needs, do your own thing, don't pry. IT WILL WORK. As a result of society us women are made to view distance in a relationship as a threat,however that is simply not always the case. It is actually a healthy and natural part of any bond. If we are always together we ont allow any time apart for our fondness for each other to grow. Don't just take it from me, i am not just making up theories. This is a scientifically proven theory.

So tell him you love him and your are there if he needs to talk and then back off and do your own thing. He'll be back begging in no time I promise!!


Good Luck Hun!!

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