How can i get college money for twin sons who's dad has been in prison most of life?

My ex husband has been a deadbeat dad that has stayed in prison most of my twin sons lives. I was a single mom mostly who had to put myself through college with student loans. I recently remarried and find it's not fair to ask my new husband to tote the bill for 2 in college. On a different note they both want to go to state schools (not the same one either) and live in apartments on there own. They are very immature as well. One went to a community college in one area away from home on his grandmothers money (I didn't agree to) and the other stayed at home and went to another community college but wants to transfer asap. They are not in reality at all. While one feels he can just live off of student loans, the other just don't even talk about it. He just says he going when he finds a job. I have tried to talk to counselors and noone helps me! When I filled out the FAFSA I asked if they could just claim themselves becasue frankly I am tired of dealing with it all. The rep at FAFSA that I called said sorry I have to turn over my income until they are 26. I am trying not to whine but I think it is totally unfair. There dad has never paid a dime in child support, stays in prison or on crack and I have to ask my new husband to pay for college when I have two sons that do not even really know my husband. Is there a way around any of this? I want my kids to go to college but there expectations of me are really unrealistic!