How to deal with sibling rivalry

This is a group for moms who have children who are constantly having a battle of wills. This is a group for advice, suggestions or just a place to vent to maintain sanity. All are welcome


Toddler Rivalry!!

My daughters are exactly 3 years apart. My older daughter (4 1/2 years old) was amazing with her little sister (18 months old) when she was first born. Now that the baby is old...


Fight, fight, fight

How do you deal with fighting kids ALL the time??? My daughter is 3, and my son is 6 1/2, and they are at each other non-stop. They fight over who's getting out of the car...



I may just pull my hair out! All my girls want to do is bite, hit, and kick each other. What do I do? I have tried everything and I am so afraid that they will actually hurt...


Hello to all!

I guess Im the lucky one to make the first post and I have one word..Help! My 2 youngest daughters are 13 months apart and are always at each others throats. Any suggestions on...