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hi, I have just registered on this, looking for advice from mums who have been doing this for longer! :)

My son Daniel, is 10.5 months old. We found out at a week old that he has congenital heart disease. He spent his first 4.5 months in hospital, having open heart surgery and serious complications, which meant that he spent most of that time in PICU.

He is now home and been doing well from his heart point of view, and coming along with his feeding, although he still needs a bit of help from his NG tube.

My concern just now is about his development. I am so grateful to have him after all he's been through and he's a fantastic, happy little boy. He babbles and laughs and smiles, but my concern is with hsi motor development. He has just resently started to roll, but he finds that, and tummy time, very hard because of hypotonia. He can't sit at all yet, although we're working hard on it along with PT. I don't know why he is so floppy- if ot is just his long illness, or something else.

I wondered if anyone else been through similar, if you hae ay advice. I'm goin g to ask his paediatrician if she thinks a developmental assessment would be worthwhile, but I'm torn between that and just lettin ghim get on with it and see what happens!
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I would advise you go ahead and get the assessment. It's better to be ahead of the game than behind. Try to put him on his tummy as much as possible. Read through some of our past posts on here and you will get some great information. Please lets us know how the assessment goes and best of luck!

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