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I Had My Baby by Cesarean Section!

Our Babies were born by Cesarean Section.. whether it have been by choice or necessity, we are not ashamed!



Hi all, I'm almost 5 months PP and just yesterday my incision started hurting like the middle of the incision and I looked at it this morning and it's red?? It feels like a...


2nd c-section swollen feet

I just had my second c-section on January 29. My feet are so swollen I can't wear shoes, even slip on leave dents. Has anyone else has this experience? With my first child I...


Healing and Grieving Process

Hi :o) I'm new to this group. I'm a 25 year old mother of two beautiful little boys, ages 2 years and 10 weeks. Both were delivered via cesarean, and it's becoming increasingly...


Breech baby for me :)

I had my daughter may 26th 2009, found out at 38 weeks she was breech and didnt want to risk any turning or etc, so we just oppted to a c section. Sometimes I wish i would of...


pain during c section

So I had my son through c section and everything was going fine they made the cut and all I felt was pressure then they were using the suction and all the sudden I could feel...


thankful for cesarean

I was thankful for my cesarean. our road has been long, we lost our first son Austin in 2088 at 36 weeks gestation. for reasons unknown the placenta had died and took our...


Incision coming apart???

I had my baby girl on October 17th, 2011...12 days ago! With my first section, my incission healed PERFECT and QUICK! With this one, its a whole different story! The day after...


i failed

hi my mums my daughter is now 2 years old, i had 2 have a emergancy c-section, as my labour was 40 hours, and my daughter was getting distressed. ever since i had it i have...



i am happy that i have a beautiful baby girl but i still cant sleep thinking about how it all happend. has anyone else felt like this?


New here.....

Hi I just found this great community! I've had four children, all of them C-sections. The first 2 I tried to do naturally but they were either too big or positioned way wrong....


new to this group

i had a c section & seem to be having a very quick recovery ive been on my own at night since 2 days after being home my hubby works nights so i have both my boys all night by...