I lost my child to diabetes

My daughter Hope was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with diabetes. From day 1 my child suffered. We had so many bad days. Her sugars could never be regulated. She went to every appointment, saw her nutristionist, checked when she was supposed to and ate right, with the occasional cheat. We did everything right and yet she was hospitalized a dozen times in DKA. The doctors always said " Shes going through puberty" at age 8?? was always my answer. I even changed hospitals and doctors and got the same answers. On August 21, 2009, she lost her fight. She was fine the day before and gone the next and I still don't understand why. I lost my beautiful daughter and her sisters lost a friend. Now we sit and suffer. If I may give anyone out there advice, its please, get as many opinions from as many doctors as you can. My baby is gone. She fought a brave fight but in the end her little body just couldn't take anymore and i'm missing her more than I can explain.