Just Mom - Not Supermom

I love being a mom and wouldn't change it the world... but, lets get real for a moment sometimes we wish there really was an off button on our kids or even our life. Being a mom is hard work and admitting we aren't perfect is even harder. This Group is for Moms who arent afraid to admit, I love my kids but....... 1. I'm really un-super.. I'm just a mom and can't do it all. 2. Yes, I really do need help... really I do. 3. I lose my cool. I yell. 4. I don't know if that giant pile of laundry is clean or dirty. 5. My house is a mess and yes, I just cleaned 2 hrs ago. The only time it stays clean is when their sleeping. lol 6. Vacation? I really need one... without the kids. lol 7. I pretend I didn't just hear them calling for me, arguing, or crying again. 8. Sleep? What's that? I haven't slept since the kids were born. 9. My name? It was Carolynne, now it's Mommy I want, Mommy why not, Mommy give me, Mommy take me.... lol 10. I live in Tantrumville, down the road from Whineville. 11. Is it Monday yet? 12. I'm not as held together as I appear. My head spins from time to time and my eye twitches every now and then. lol 13. Make up? Hair? Exercise? Ughhh Need support and energy... lol This is a place where you can talk about anything including not really being a supermom. You can vent, laugh, cry, ask others for advice, or even fall apart....lets just keep it real and leave your cape at the door. No Supermoms need to apply. lol BTW... Dr. Phil, Dr. Sears, or even good old Dr. Spock couldn't possibly have all the answers.