Am I in danger of going into labor??? 19 Weeks and Scared!!

Tania - posted on 12/29/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Two days ago I went into my 19 week appointment extremely excited to find out what the sex of the baby would be. Unfortunately, not only did I get the worst answer to what the sex was ("Im leaning towards girl, I saw definite girl parts and no boy parts but I wouldn't announce the sex yet until its a definite") ... but she couldn't get a good look at the baby's heart or the baby's face. This is my third child and they have all been stubborn during ultrasounds so I am used to the tech moving my belly, having me turn to the side , etc in order to shift the babys position but she did none of that. She then couldn't see my cervix so she had to do an internal. After an hour of much frustration I was sent up to see the doc. The doctor then asks me ( since I see a different doctor/nurse practitioner every time) if I have ever delivered early. I have two uteruses and had in the past been considered high risk and had been monitored very closely, both my children went upto the 39 week scheduled C-section. This pregnancy, for some reason maybe it was assumed since two of my children went full term that I wasn't considered high risk, they have not monitored me as closely. I then asked the doc why she wanted to know that and she said that my cervix was measuring short. She told me it was at 2.0cm and to come back in one week for another ultrasound to recheck cervix/heart/face . I then asked her if she wanted my urine sample before I left since I couldn't pee before and she said no that I can do it next time . She told me no intercourse for the week and that was that. I went home having no clue what a short cervix meant, so I researched it. Apparently 2.0cm is cause for cerclage/bed rest etc. I have no idea whats going on and last night I started having horrible lower back pain and cramping only on one side of my pelvic area and my upper leg. It felt like I was going to have my period. I woke up today feeling the same... lower back pain and cramps that seem to come and go. At one point I felt an unmistakable tightening of my uterus and I am assuming that it was a contraction. I decided to call the doctor about an hour ago and all she said was that it is most likely ligament pain and that if my water breaks that's when I should be concerned. I am a little frustrated seeing as I am about 20 weeks and the last thing I want is for my water to break. Wouldn't they want to help me stop my water from breaking??? Make sure im not in early labor?? From what Ive been reading it seems that many of the stories start at being diagnosed at 19 to 20 weeks with IC and then unfortunately losing the baby because they go into labor days to weeks later. I am honestly terrified and am wondering what everyones experiences have been. I go to a very reputable hospital in Boston and am shocked at the impersonal treatment ive been receiving. It makes me feel as if they don't care. I got my head chewed off for being 15 minutes late to that ultrasound appointment as well, they made it known that I inconvenienced them. Should I be seeking another doctors opinion on this situation?

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