c-section or vaginal delivery

Jordon - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok so I have a cerclege and i am 32 weeks pregnant my Doctor asked me yesterday if I want to have a c-section and keep the cerclege in or have them taking out and try for a vaginal delivery and I have no earthly idea what I should do... I would really like so advice, what did yall do?


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Ericka - posted on 05/22/2010




Wow. I would by all means go with/try a vaginal delivery. The recovery time is much more easier than a c-section. I can't believe that your doctor would suggest this. I'd want a new cerclage for my 2nd baby anyway....not rely on a stitch that has sat in me for however long until I decide to have another baby. I wouldn't go through all the pain of a c-section if I knew I could have a vaginal delivery. Good luck on your decision. That could also be classified as an "elective" c-section--which some insurances will not pay for.

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If I would have had the option I would have most definitely picked a vaginal birth. Unfortunately, I had a classic vertical c section, the kind where you always have to have a c section, and had to deliver repeat c/s. I know from my experience, the first few days were miserable after the c/s. My baby was in the NICU and I didn't even feel like going to see her. Good luck!

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i now have my second cerclage in and am 34 weeks prego i personally would rather have a a vaginal delivery and if i ever decide to get prego again would rather go through the 15, 20 min process of having the cerclage put back and a 1 day stay in the hospital rather than having a c-section...mostly bc u are going to be very sore and not able to do as much after the surgery for your baby and yourself.. if u have any other questions i would be glad to help ...goodluck

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