The preemie Experiance through Julie's Eyes

Julie - posted on 02/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




From mama's womb you were taken
At 25 weeks gestation,
You started to fight,
Without hesitation!

From mama's body they pulled you,
They said here's your baby,
But mama's to weary
She can't see you clearly.

Papa looks up,
A twinkle in his eye,
He looks at your size,
And tries not to cry.

Too small to live,
Too precious to die,
They swept you away,
To help you survive.

They attached you to wires,
And stuck you with tubes,
They monitored you closely,
With digital cubes.

Not even 2 pounds,
Each rib we could count,
But with a strong beating heart,
You were loved from the start!

Mama pumped through the day,
She pumped through the night,
To nourish this body,
That was no longer inside.

Off to work papa went,
So he could pay the rent,
He thought of you all day,
Till on his chest you could lay.

Before we'd part ways,
over you we prayed,
And this is what we prayed......

"We pray for our preemie that you gave us this day. So very weak, so very small, we pray that he makes it through it all. Each day that we hold him, skin to skin, we pray that he feels the love within. Help us be brave, help us be strong. You gave him to us early, please guide us along. May your angles watch over him all through the night, God please keep him safe just one more night!"

Did you know where we were there?
Did you know how much we cared?
Did you wonder where we were?
Were you so very scared?

They nick named you rock star,
That you truly are.
They call you a miracle,
But your also our fighter!

Something about you,
The look in your eye,
Said you intended,
To grow to full size!

Our little Miracle Fighter


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Liz - posted on 07/03/2009




That's awesome! Do you mind if I share this with the nicu family advisory council I am in?

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