Infant and Toddler Transitions

tips for moms and first time moms, starting infants on solid foods, transitioning from breast to bottle, from bottle to cup, from diapers to pull-ups and tips for potty training etc.


Struggling with milk transition

My daughter is 17 months old and still has 3 bottles of milk a day. She only takes juice and water in her sippy right now. The milk has to be warm for her to drink it. When...



what age should you start the transition from breast to bottle, and what did you use formula or breast milk?


Help; Veggies & Meat..

My Daughter just turned 6 months today. I started her on rice cereal a little after 4 months old. And, about a month ago started her on oat cereal as well. Now that she's 6...


potty training toddlers

what is the ideal age to start potty training a boy and what will be the process as far as pullups? my son is 20 months now and alway tells me when he poops even when its a pee...