Infant Kidney Issues

Come talk openly about your children who have any issues dealing with the kidneys. Ask questions, get help, learn from others in the same position, share your concerns and worries.


Bartter's Syndrome

I have two beautiful children and both have a renal disease called Bartter's Syndrome. I know it is very rare, I wanted to see if anyone else here has experienced this disease.


Scared waiting for results

I have read some posts and everyone seems so brave and confident and then I look at myself, worried and crying. When I was overdue with my son I was told that on the ultrasound...


Prayers Needed For Our Baby Please

I need your help please. I am nearly 25 weeks pregnant and up until 2 weeks ago was having a perfectly normal and happy pregnancy. On January 13th, we went in to find out the...



im just wondering how many kids have slow growth rates, due to kidney issues? And if any children on the forum have been put on growth hormones and parents experiences with...


My 1 year old's story. . . .

Hi! My name is Naida. I'm from Chicago, IL. I have a 1yr. old son named Donovan. When I was 6 months pregnant I had an ultrasound that detected an enlarged kidney (left). The...