Infants with Medical Helmets

Mothers who's children have or have had Cranial Malformation. Basically their children and infants who had to wear a Medical Helmet to round out their skull.


avoiding a helmet

My daughter is 4 months old and she has a flat head on the back right side. She favors turning her head the one way but can turn both ways just doesnt want to. Ive seen a doctor...


Insurance coverage??

Has anyone had any problems getting your medical insurance to cover the helmet? Mine just denied because of lack of proof that my son does spend time on his sides. My son's head...



Please help stop pediatricians from saying "IT WILL ROUND OUT" by signing this online petittion. Help other parents get the information they need in a timely manner, like you. I...


tummy time

my son(6mn) has had his helmet on for lil over a month now and Iam having some difficulty with him doing his tummy time. he acts like the helmet gives him pain. any advice for...



Hello, I was searching for a community like this, however I was not able to find one. So I started my own. This is basically to support the mothers whos children have or had...