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Are you pro vax or anti-vax?? Are you on one side and still wonder about the other side?? What are your concerns??


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Katherine - posted on 04/06/2012




Here I come! Pro vax. I have researched a ton and have found no SOLID evidence of them causing autism. The debate goes on and on though. You can get them without the mercury. The risks vs the benefits are what makes me get them. I worry about the childhood diseases coming back with a vengeance!

Sally - posted on 03/29/2012




Want to know what is funny about vaccines and the illnesses? When we were growing up, they were no big deal. If you went to the doctor for chicken pox or measles or mumps they would have laughed at you. These were harmless childhood illnesses. That's exactly what the doctors would say, HARMLESS. Polio was a different story but it was not as common place as they like you to believe. The stuff they put in those shots are scarier then the illnesses, that is for sure. If I was raising children now, I don't think I would give them. Parents don't know anything about them, they aren't informed. the doctor doesn't tell these well meaning parents what's in them. Most of my Grandchildren are vaccinated but I have one daughter who refuses. Our family dinners can become a battle field as I have one daughter who is a pharmacist and one who is in the Natural Health field. It can get interesting. I don't say much but I have to say, the one who is in the Natural Health field can raise some pretty good points that her sibling can not answer.

Joy - posted on 03/14/2012




All of our children are vaccinated. However, I do have a sister that vehemently refused to vaccinate. I thought she was a crack pot. Most of my family thought she was a nut bar. My father was actually angry with her for months. She is one stubborn woman. No matter what anyone said she maintained her stance, which hasn't changed even today. Our children are all teens now but when they were small, here is what I observed. Her child never got sick while mine were, constantly. My children got whooping cough badly and even tho they played together, slept together and did everything together, her child out of 5 never got so much as a scratch in her throat. All the other kids ended up terribly ill and my youngest girl hospitalized.

I started wondering if maybe she had been right. So, I did some reading and she was correct, everything she claimed was in those damn vaccinations, WAS. I'd never read those things. I wasn't even offered the package insert. I asked our doctor about it and he waved me off like I was ridiculous. That was some 14-17 years ago.

My sister sure does get teased but ya know, if I had to do it today, I wouldn't vaccinate or at the very least wait until they can choose for themselves. Unvaccinated kids just seem to be so much healthier and seem to be able to bounce back so much quicker. They don't appear to have the allergies and it is odd how unvaccinated communities don't have issues like Autism. I think doctors should give parents all the facts about immunization. Tell them what is in it. Tell them of all the side effects and let parents decide for themselves. Vaccines are no different then any other medical procedure and we have the right to know everything.

Instead, they fuel peoples fear with imagines of polio and the such and then hide behind their followers.

Mother - posted on 03/11/2012




I don't like to be the first to post to these but it seems someone needs to get the ball rolling.

I don't agree with vaccines for so many reasons. I don't approve of their "lack" of testing. I don't approve of their growing mediums. something about human fetuses, monkey kidney, rabbit brains, guinea pigs, cows, pigs, chickens and their embryos just don't sit well with me. The POTENTIAL for cross specie contamination is disturbing. It has already happened but I guess it isn't a big deal if it didn't cause major issues.

I have issues with the neurotoxins that are in our BABIES shots. Aluminum and mercury are heavy metals that have NO PLACE in our children. I have issues with formaldehyde [a known carcinogen] , Benzethonium chloride [an antiseptic that is NOT accepted as safe for consumption], Hydrochloric acid [yes, the very stuff that eats rust off of industrial steel.] Hydrocortisone, [yup, a steroid], Neomycin, [an antibiotic, now why is that in there?? Did you know it also helps treat Hepatic encephalopathy, something our vaccines have been known to cause?], Phenol, [this stuff was given by the Nazi's in WWII to execute prisoners, by injection. Doesn't that sound awesome.], phenol red, [an estrogen mimic, used in the creation of ovums, no wonder our children are reaching puberty so quickly], Streptomycin, [another antibiotic, make no wonder we have SUPER BUGS that are antibiotic resistant.]

Doesn't that sound yummy?? Would you let your child drink a mixture of the things listed?? And that isn't even everything that it is in our vaccines, this is but a drop in the bucket. Then there are other additives that aren't as bad but can still add to the mixture. Stuff like sweeteners, sorbitol, did you know adverse reactions to sorbitol is IRRITABLE BOWEL?? One of the biggest complaints in children on the spectrum. Coincidence?? I think not...

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