Why vaccinate?

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Simply put, vaccines save lives. You have the power to protect your baby from dangerous illnesses like measles, tetanus and hepatitis. Being a parent is a big responsibility, and the best thing you can do for your child's health is to learn the facts so that you can make the best choices.

Thanks to our nation's successful vaccination program, parents today have been spared witnessing the devastating effects of many diseases. Polio, for example, paralyzed millions of children worldwide before the vaccine was created. In the U.S. and the world, measles infects nearly 23 million people each year. In 2005, measles killed about 345,000 people (311,000 of which were children under the age of five).

Diseases such as hepatitis, whooping cough and measles can still infect children that are not protected. In fact, each year the press publishes stories of disease outbreaks in undervaccinated communities across the United States. We are currently experiencing the highest whooping cough rates in decades.

Claims have been made over the years regarding the safety of some routine childhood vaccines suggesting that they are the cause of disorders such as autism. Top researchers from around the world have investigated each of these claims and concluded that vaccines do not cause autism or any other chronic disorders.
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I'm also firmly pro-vaccination, but I wanted to comment in particular about the vaccines-autism connection. I think the medical community has pretty well established that vaccines do not cause autism. And I think it is doing a disservice to children with autism and their families when they are given "treatments" that assume that their autism is caused by vaccine ingredients, since there's no plausible mechanism. Some of the things they do to kids to treat them for mercury poisoning - like chelation therapy or chemical castration - are truly horrific. I think the continued focus of vaccines takes money and resources away from finding viable ways to treat autism.

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I wish I could reply with an opposite side to get this debate started but I believe firmly in vaccination. I had a friend whose 5 week old baby died from whooping cough because another older child he came into contact with was not vaccinated and had it. Not only is it dangerous for your child to not be vaccinated, but it is dangerous for other children when your child is not vaccinated.

In saying that, of course every parent has the right to choose how and when they vaccinate their children and what they vaccinate against. For example, I don't plan on giving my son a normal flu shot let alone the H1N1 vaccine for various reasons, the main one being the H1N1 vaccine has not been around long enough to know whether there are long term effects and what they may be.

My son is up to date with all his vaccinations and is perfectly healthy, and was also an extremely early developer!

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I commend you for this reply. i agree every parent needs to find their OWN way. My kids are both really healthy and my daughter is ridiculously ahead as far as motor skills go (so says every child care worker she has had evaluate her) and she has been vaccinated fully. i know a girl who's son has autism and she will still say after all her research and whatever else that she will get her next child vaccinated. This is a subject that once again NEEDS to be researched by the parent. And I may post one sided opinions and facts and I welcome anyone to post the other side as this is a group for moms who want to be informed.

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I believe you should vaccinate... but with caution. There really is a lot of Mercury and other toxins in these vaccines. I do believe its POSSIBLE there could be some link to autism. The similarities between mercury poisoning and autism is alarming. There have been many cases where they have treated children with autism as though they had mercury poisoning and they improved ten fold.

The medical industry makes huge amounts of money... and they are always wanting to make more. I say always go with you gut instinct.

I don't think its safe to have that much mercury, allumnin, toxins, and all there other ingredients at one time. I have broken my sons shots up. I am glad I did too, because after his first set he ran a high fever and was sick for a few days. He is all better now, but i'm sure it would have been worse if I gave him the whole set at once. He is 6 mo's old (yesterday!) and is on his 2nd half of the first set of 4 mo old shots.

Others WILL disagree with me. My son is doing everything early and is EXTREMELY healthy. People actually comment on how "strong and healthy" he looks. I know what I am doing is right for my son. For others it may differ though. Everyone needs to find their own way to do things.

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