Int'l Moms in Korea

A fun, supportive group of moms from all over the world who are currently residing in Korea. Share your favorite baby-friendly spots, baby items, events, and Internet shopping sites. Provide baby/kid item product reviews. Ask questions and give advice. Share your experiences as an int'l mom living in Korea! :)


Baby Signing Time!

By now most of you know that Elia "speaks" American Sign Language. She's acquired quite a vast vocabulary of feeling words, objects, foods, animals, and actions. It all begin...


List of baby needs to share

Here is a list of baby and mom needs that I've been emailing out to those who been requesting it. Please feel free to add/delete/adjust and share with other expecting moms you...



For those who dont' know yet, there is a great online bargain "store" that sells one product each day until it sells out (which is usually pretty fast.) Check it out:...


infant carseat cover

I just received my infant carseat cover and I love it! It's made by a Korean-American, Jessica Kim. And the brand name is Babbaco. Check it out at I got the...


Welcome! :)

Welcome to our community! Feel free to ask questions or share any good information you have regarding raising babies/children while in Korea. Also, if you know of any other...