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Here is a list of baby and mom needs that I've been emailing out to those who been requesting it. Please feel free to add/delete/adjust and share with other expecting moms you know! :) [list made for breastfeeding, cloth-diapering moms]


- short-sleeve onesies (10) - they get dirty fast :)

- long-sleeve, long legged onesies (maybe 5)

- hats (2 or 3 for going out - gotta keep the head warm; they lose most heat through head)

- socks

- handmits (to keep from scratching themselves though with elia we just used socks :) )

- swaddling blankets (4) (newborns love to be tightly swaddled like they were in the womb until they are about 2.5 to 3 months; i like the aden and anais muslin wraps; check out; korea has them on for a little more)

- t-shirts or shirts and pants (if you want, but mostly you will end up using onesies - they make diaper changing so much easier)

- bundler (is that what it's called? can't remember; you put it over their outfit when you go out on cold days, like a wearable blanket)

- simple baby blankets (great to have lots; have them in every room in your house and in your car(s) too)

other necessities:

- sling or soft carrier (like the peanut sling or the belle baby carrier or the ergobaby carrier with insert; the babybjorn looks nice but hurts your back)

- infant carrier carseat (like the Graco Snugride)

- swing (optional)

- place to sleep (in bed with you? moses basket? crib? futon on floor with you?)

- sleep sack (safer to prevent suffocation, but you won't be using them til after 3 months most likely bc you will likely be swaddling baby til then.)

- baby pillow (koreans have this baby pillow that helps prevent flathead; not necessary but if you want - called "jjang-gu" pillow)

- diapers and diaper covers (cloth diapers? be sure to have a washing machine then bc you need to wash them at least every other day and you don't want to use a communal washer due to hygiene reasons; baby's skin is very sensitive; you will also need a hang dryer thingy and simple, clean deteregent with no softener and no fragrance/perfume; recommended detergent for cloth diapers: Charlie's Soap)

- wipes or cloths (your choice when you use cloth diapers)

- baby shampoo/soap, baby lotion (i like California baby products bc they are all-natural and safe, check out

- baby nail clipper (unless you are comfortable using your teeth)

- bath towels (preferrably hooded)

- washcloths

- burp cloths or just use a small towel (bc of spit up while burping baby)

- soft cloths (mulitpurpose use; later will use them lots for drooling if baby is a drooler like our Elia :) )

- diaper bag (look for one that is washable or wipable, insulated pockets for bottles/sippy cups, many small pockets inside so things don't get lost, and diaper changing pad [this can be something separate]; choose a color and style you really like bc you will be carrying it everywhere for the next few years!)

- stroller (if you wish, though i find i carried elia in a carrier/sling everywhere i went during her first year)

- nightlight (when you get up for those night feedings, you'll want to be able to see; plus, you may be needing to change a poopy diaper at night, especially for the first 3 months)

- bath thermometer (helps eliminate the uncertainty of whether the water is too hot)

- infant bathtub (there the kinds that you can use straight into toddlerhood)

- "snot-sucker" (like the bulb syringe that american hospitals give for sucking out mucous, etc. but better bc you can control the suction and see the gunk; only here in Korea; get at any pharmacy; will need from birth; will continue to use whenever baby has a runny nose)

- a big bottle of hand sanitizer for guests when they visit, plus small bottles to carry in your diaper bag

- diaper area needs: diaper rash prevention cream (i like california baby's calendula cream), barrier cream (i like california baby), non-talc powder for the summer (again, california baby has a nice one), and diaper area wash (one bottle from california baby lasts a long time bc you dilute it 10:1 with water)

- high chair when it's time to start solids (bw 4 and 6 months) (i like the stokke tripp trapp)


- Infant mylicon (breaks up the large gas bubbles making it easier for baby to pass gas; safe bc not absorbed into body)

- Infant tylenol

- Children's benedryl (for later when you start feeding solids)

Stuff for mom:

- witch hazel or other soothing spray (your bottom will need it after birth)

- stretch oil (for growing belly but also for perineal massage to help prevent tears)

- support band

- supportive nursing bras (a MUST)

- breastfeeding pillow (can use during pg to help you get into a more comfortable sleeping position; place under belly while on your side; remember to never sleep flat on your back! - compresses a large blood vessel which decreases blood flow)

- breast pump (depending on how often you plan to pump; i recommend the swing pump by medela which is portable and electric

- breast milk storage bags

- breast pads (you will leak for several months after birth)

- nursing cover

Fun things for baby:

- "Baby Signing Time" DVDs (check out; elia learned her first signs at 6 months which also helped her learn to speak early; she loves these DVDs; highly recommend; reduces frustrations bc she can tell you what's on her mind)

- Bumbo seat (buy in Korea though bc here it comes with a tray and carrying case; great for when going out to restaurants with floor seating)


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Min - posted on 10/22/2009




thanks erin!

yes, those are great items to have on hand too.

I'm especially glad you mentioned the snappis; i recently bought a few in prep for Luke.

they are available at for something like 2500 each.

User - posted on 10/21/2009




What a thorough list, Min! Looks great. I might add a few more things:

-bouncer seat. I use ours especially when I'm cooking so Watson can be near me but not close enough to food/heat/sharp knives for danger.

-for cloth diapering mamas who use flat-fold or pre-fold diapers, Snappis are really great to use instead of diaper pins (, although you can often get away with just the diaper and cover without having to fasten the diaper at all.

-Sack-n-Seat. Can be slipped over the back of almost any restaurant chair to strap baby in, functioning in that way as a high chair does. Folds up easy and small to fit in diaper bag.

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