Diapar rash

Ashley - posted on 08/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter gets bad diapar rashes and I always put cream on it and it will get better and then not even a day later it is bad again and I feel so bad I just dont no what else to try and ideas??


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Dawna - posted on 06/07/2011




I have a daughter that gets extreme diaper rash. Open wounds that weep and are very large. I have all but gotten rid of her diaper rash!! I found that my daughter typically doesn't deficate at night. I bought bumgenius diapers and that is what she wears at night. (They are expensive but I only bought 7, one for each night.) During the day she wears Seventh Generation diapers. Since I began using these two diapers she has not had any problems except when she got diahrrea.... I don't blame the diaper for that though...

Amanda - posted on 02/15/2011




Hi I know this is an old post but I had the same problem with my son and we had to change diaper brands and then to get the rash to go away we'd us the athelet's cream (just store brand) and mix it with 1% hydrocortizone cream. After the rash would go away we'd just powder with every fresh diaper :).

Sarah - posted on 10/13/2010




My mother advised that I put on Desitin on the diaper rash and then on top of that put a little Vaseline. It really worked to help our babys bad diaper rash.

Katie - posted on 09/03/2010




Hi my name is Katie and I know exactly how you feel I went through that with my oldest and youngest children but I have a solution for you it might sound crazy but it works..my doc. told me to use Lotramen the athletes foot cream and it worked wonders....just put a very thin layer on the rash and in no time it willl be gone and not come back

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