4 year old in diapers at night

Torie - posted on 05/29/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




needing some kind of suggestion to get him fully out of diapers


Melissa - posted on 08/08/2010




I have looked into this alot cause my 4 year old still needs them at night as well. I have been to a few doctors and they all seem to tell me the same thing. .. usually around 3 or so a child will start being able to hold in there pee at night, it just happens on its own and some kids do not get it till later. my oldest child did not get it till she was nearly 7 years old, there can be many reasons why, they may have a weak bladder and can not hold it in all night, or they are a sound sleeper and will nto wake to go to the bathroom at night, they may have had UTI's and it has caused damage and they have trouble holding it in, but beleive me this is nothing you can help ro control in will happen when it does and it could be now or in another couple of years, but there are things you can do to help, do not allow then to have many drinks at night and only water and stop allowing them to have them after a certain time, usually two hours before they go to bed. but this is something that may happen on there own, i have one doctor that told me to try to teach my 4 yeart old kegals(i know that sounds sick but after i showed her she has been doing much better at night and they help build muscle if they are weak or if they have spasms and can help them hold it in the night or wake to go, good luck


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Bo Lynn - posted on 09/03/2010




I was actually very lucky, I think, when I got Caleb into big boy pants. My friend said to simply say "No more diapers for you" And after about a month there were no more accidents. Even during that time and still to this day he hasn't wet the bed (knock on wood). I don't really know why he hasn't had an accident. I told him how his older friends are big boys and he can be so big and use the potty too!

Becky - posted on 08/07/2010




my daughter still wears nappies at night but is improving every week. Some kids just take a little longer.

I think getting them to go to the toilet before going to bed is a good idea and also let them know it is ok to wake you up to help them go to the loo at night. My daughter thought (for some reason) that she would not be allowed to wake us up if she needed the loo. But once we sorted that out she was fine telling us if she needed to go.

Also we reduced the amount she drinks close to bed time - i would never stop my child from having a drink if they ask for a drink it is an indication of them being dehydrated but instead of giving them a big cup they have a small cup of water and that often means if they didn't really want a drink they leave it as its not a fruit juice.

Crissy - posted on 08/05/2010




you have to just stop buying diapers keep him in underwear, some nights it makes for a little extra laundry but in the long run they wont want to pee in their underwear. if you keep him in diapers he knows it is ok to pee in them so he will even if he knows he needs to go. i have 4 children and my 2 oldest 9 and 7 still don't stay dry every night, i am lucky if they stay dry for 3 nights out of the week. so yes i do a lot of laundry but i know one day they will just grow out of it. hope that helps some trust me you are not alone.

Lindsay - posted on 06/18/2010




We had that same problem. We started making him go pee right before bed and we left a hall light on so he could get up and go pee if he needed to. We would just put underwear on him and after maybe 2-3 mights he stopped peeing in the bed at night. I know with our son he was scared to get up in the middle of the night. He's had maybe 1-2 accidents in the past month!

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