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Christin - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




does anyone else have a 4 yr old who stresses out over EVERYTHING? My daughter is so advanced in verbal skills, but emotionally I think sometimes she's having issues. Everything makes her stressed out and whiny. We were outside tonight looking at the tomatoes. There were worms on them so my husband was taking care of that for us. My daughter was stressing out the whole time about the worms, they were going to get her, she didn't like them, they were going to eat her, then she moved on to the bugs, that the bugs were biting her, she was getting tons of mosquitoe bites (she wasn't, none of us were), she needed bug spray, she wanted to go in, she wanted to swing but couldn't swing herself, she wanted to play hide and seek but then cried when she couldn't find anyone....on and on. It's one whine or complaint after another. It gets exhausting and I find myself telling her to "chill out, it's FINE" a hundred times a day. She can be SO high strung! And she tattles CONSTANTLY! If I'm in a different room I get a play by play of what is happening where she is and who is doing what. Any suggestions?


Crissy - posted on 08/05/2010




my son is 4 and is the same way to a point and i have found that most of it is my fault. my son has always been home with me, so i have done more for him then i should so when something little comes up he gets all worked up, just like your's did with the worms. the best thing i have found is to put them in pre-school it works wonders to let them realize that everything will be ok, and it helps show them that other kids have feelings just like them. it has really seemed to help my son a lot. he has learned to calm down a little and goes with the flow more now. we still have little things he gets worked up about but he has made a lot of progress and has only been in pre-school for about 7 months. hope that helps a little if you need to talk more just let me know.

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