My 6yr. old son likes some girl items and some boy items .............

Jennifer - posted on 03/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6yr. old son likes some girl items and some boy items and I have always taken the attitude of he can play with any toy if he likes it and it makes him happy I sincerely have no type of judgement regarding this issue however he wants to buy a purse and go out in public like the mall and such and I know kids more than likely will pick on him for this so how do I deal with this? what should I say to him if he is picked on for liking "girly" things. Should I try and somehow prevent him from taking "girly" items out in public? And if so what would I say to him because he has always felt comfortable expressing his desire to play with things that are typically geared towards girls because I consistently tell him if a toy makes him happy then he should play with it so he truly knows that I pass no judgement on things geared towards either gender so I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I told him to not bring girlish items out with him because its "girly"


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I don't have a problem with my son playing with some of his sisters toys if he likes it, i mean he's little and it's good that he can explore with both gender toys but he is always geared towards boy toys and loves his cars and garages etc...I am no one to judge anyone or how they want to raise their children, but as far as buying my son a purse, no i would never do that. To me that is going far, if in the future as he gets older he decides what he wants to be in life, that is totally up to him but for now i don't encourage it. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is cruel even to children and for him to go out in public with a purse, yes he's prone to be picked on for it. In your home it's okay because you are all for it and like i always say, to each is own but in public i would try to maybe encourage him to not go out in public with it. Maybe tell him he can take in the car but not take it out to a store or wherever you are going. I do that with both my kids, i let them take toys but they stay in the car so they don't get lost. I know you probably won't agree with my post but again, it is my most humblest of opinions...

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