Need tips for potty training a head-strong boy..

Erin - posted on 05/04/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




We started trying to potty train our son when he was 3 1/2, but he wasn't having it. Everyone told me.. well, boys are harder, sometimes they learn later, wait until he's comfortable and ready to do it himself.. so we did. And now.. he's 5, starting kindergarten in August, and I still can't get him to use the toilet consistently.

We've gotten it down to a science, minimizing the night-time accidents and getting lots of dry nights. We've also got a way of handling night accidents that seems to work really well. But during the day is a whole other story.

He'll pee in the toilet pretty consistently, I'd say 97% of the time or better, though he will have day-time pee-pee accidents. Part of that is because he's been diagnosed with having what the neurologist calls "Absence Seizures" and sometimes he'll have an accident during one of them and not realize it. It breaks my heart, when he has a seizure accident, comes out of it, and tells me he has to pee.. only to have to tell him it's too late and see his little face fall. It's a fairly recent diagnosis, but we're learning to deal with it in a constructive manner that helps him not feel bad.

The pooping, however, has just frustrated me to wits end. We've tried books, movies, songs, stickers, reward charts, earning money for going potty but paying a little back when he refuses to go, praise in every way shy of a full marching band parade, even bribes.. but he won't budge on it. I've been reading some articles on the site about ways to work with this.. and I'm hoping some of the suggestions will help. But I'm really hoping some of the other moms with little ones in my age group might have some insight.


Live4today89 - posted on 12/04/2012




I made my son "wash" his poop underwear himself. Every time he pooped his pants I made him shake them out and rinse them in the toilet water himself, he only had to do it a few times. good luck

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