When is it time to go back to work if you really dont have to


Jeannette - posted on 01/27/2009




I have a 7 year old and my 2 year old, and I have been home since my first son was about 6 months. I had tried to continue working and it was really hard to make the schedule work. Things have been really tight as far as the budget goes, but I wouldn't trade that for more money. I have thoroughly enjoyed being home with my kids, and my now first grader his doing exceptional in school and I know that it is because I was home and able to help him learn. Stay home if you can!

Colleen - posted on 01/27/2009




I have a 2 year old and 11 month old. I am not planning to go back to work any time soon, and never fulltime again.

I like the idea of having one or both of my children's parents as their primary influence and teachers as opposed to a babysitter.

If I find a good school that I want to send my children to then I may start working part time. Otherwise I will probably homeschool.

Anna Marie - posted on 01/27/2009




If I didn't have to, I wouldn't work at all! I think that every age has definite advantages for a mom to stay at home. When they're young you can fill their need for security so that they are wonderfully independent young people. As they get older, you can enjoy all of their activities and not have to divide your time. In short, whatever feels right to you and your family is what will work best. Follow your heart :)

Lynne - posted on 01/15/2009




I say work when they are young and stay home when they get in school. I have an 11 and 7 year old along with my almost 2-yr-old, and it gets incredibly hectic once they start joining activities. I have NEVER felt like I needed/wanted to stay home like I do now. Working was "easy" when they were babies. Unfortunately, it's not a choice with me.


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Kathryn - posted on 01/20/2009




I plan to stay home forever now. I remember my mom stayed home for a while (like til I was 12), and then she went back to work and school, and I couldn't do any activities, and the ones I was already in, I often had to ask people for rides home. She couldn't ever make it to concerts for band or anything like that, and it really sucked. So I'm gonna be there for my kids. I think its a full time job, and I don't want to work two jobs!

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