1-yr old twin girls and can't get either one to eat any food with texture..

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My daughters were premature when they were born so everything in development is a little delayed..they are a yr old and I can't get them to move from stage 2 gerber to stage 3...they either don't like the taste or the lumps..they will eat graduate puffs...yougurt melts and if I give them little pieces of bread or small amounts of what I'm eating...I just started trying to feed them two days ago so I'm not giving up...but so I didn't have a breakdown today, I took the stage 3 and ground up a little with the magic bullet so there wouldn't be any lumps and they give have dinner and enjoy it...I'm up for any suggestions that anyone has for me..If at 15 months they still haven't taken to solid foods, the dr said I will need to bring them to a speech therapist which I'm hoping that I don't have to do..Please help..


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Let me start by saying I am a mother of 3 children 1, 3, and 6years old. Each of them is very different and accomplished different stages at different ages, inspite of having the same parents and same home environment.

What I'm getting at is each child is very different, don't get hung up on what they "should" be doing. If they are comfortable with stage 2 foods then do half stage 2 and half stage 3 mixed together ..or continue to blend it for a bit longer each feeding making it a little lumpier. They will be fine.

What your doctor is suggesting I believe if a sensory disorder..but he isn't telling you so that you worry. He is telling you so you get early intervention if it is necessary. It is totally normal for some children to not like lumpier foods. DON'T STRESS...if you have other children you know how much they change from 12 months - 15 months...that 4 months will be HUGE in the progress your babies make... they will go from sitting to running ..if they aren't already coasting. They will start talking most likely several words. It's as if someone switches the light switch on and they just boom in leaps and bounds.

Worry about it when you get there. Until then, continue doing for your children what you have been to ease them into lumpier foods.

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