2 yrs old n Lying???????????

Jamie - posted on 08/19/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Is it common for a 2 yr old to flat out lie??? I know that my own 2 yr old will fib about having an accident in her panties, or that shes not tired when shes rubbing her eyes. Small stuff, but what im asking about is the BIG flat out lies, Like.....When caught red handed with a crayon on the wall, says "______Did it! I didnt do it!" or Both kids sitting in frount of me and the Lie is that the other is jumpin on the bed right now! Ive caught one of the kids I babysitt trying to get the others all in trouble by lying about them doing things or always putting the blame on others. I just dont get it at all!! Does anyone else have this kinda prob with there 2 yr old. Her mother says she has No clue where she picked it up. I dont think this is something that a kid can parrot (Like saying a bad word) but it takes thought to come up with a lie when they know its not true....Let me know what you guys think!


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Jade - posted on 10/19/2010




my son is an only child and he tends to tell me i did it rather than him they all do it there only small and he thinks its funny

Mae Richell - posted on 09/24/2010




I guess these are babies' survival instincts. Although they don't know yet what the consequences are for these actions, all they want is mom and dad's affection. So when caught red-handed, the safest way for them not to be scolded is to put the blame on others or say it was an accident.

Probably there was a particular situation when they got scolded for doing something, which triggered them to lie. Kids are smart people. It may look horrible to us adult, but for them it is important to be able to get out from that mess without losing their parents' love.

@Shana Skinner: you're right! The mode of asking question matters a lot. We've been through this stage (being kids) and there were tough times.

I think the best way to start solving this problem (if it is) is for us parents not to look at our children as other people whom we don't know. Let us regard them us our own (not in a possessive way) but in a way that they will conclude that the first people who can understand them are us - their parents. So there would be no more reasons for them to lie or to own the mistakes that they've committed. Why is it that adults could just fuzz over the mess for accidentally breaking a vase they bought? But why do children lie about not breaking it or why do they put the blame on their younger or older siblings? The answer always goes back to us. The things at stake are OUR LOVE for them. Let us never forget to say "It's alright." or "I'm sorry I shouted. I was so scared you might end up hurting yourself."

Whenever I am face to face with a situation wherein I have no idea as a parent, I would always look at it in a child's perspective. We were kids first before we become parents, right?

My two-year old kid knows how to say sorry whenever she commits mistake, because that's what we show her every time we also do something wrong. But there would be times when she would lie about something just to get our attention. Like, when my husband and I are busy on something, she would often tell us that she needs milk or water, or need to pee even if she's still wearing a disposable diaper...things like these...I know it could be a little irritating sometimes, but whenever I look at her while doing that, I could see how she really needs our time, and I would be guilty. If what we're doing is not in a rush, we really see to it that she's given the right attention. That way, when we're doing something truly important and we'd tell her about it, she would say sorry....and it would unquestionably make us very proud.

Evelyn - posted on 09/24/2010




I was wondering about this to. My daughter is 2 and she lies about whenever she gets introuble. Is she knows she did something wrong and I ask her she'll lie. I tell her lying is wrong and she will be in less trouble If she tells the truth. But she doesn't fully understand that concept yet n just stares at me with innocent eyes. So if you find out how to break this habit, plz let me know!

Heather - posted on 09/13/2010




My daughter is still strugling,with her speech so she is hard to understand, butshe is always "telling"on her Daddy. It's usually not a lie, like "daddy splash me," he did splash her, but it wasn't something he'd get in trouble for.

Glenda - posted on 08/26/2010




I have a 2 1/2 yrs old girl ( Giuliana )and she's always saying that her elder sister (8yrs) Patricia, is slamming at her.Is very funny because sometimes Patricia is with me, and she's in other room and came to blame her sister. hahahaha!!!

Shana - posted on 08/20/2010




I have 4 boys aged between 2 and 10 and I have found at this age the lie is a mimic of the older ones...they tend to jump to :"i didnt do it" so the littler ones learn that that too ....currently my youngest son answers "nooot me" to everything, but when questioned again in another faishon he tell you "joe joe did it"...while lying has always been punished at home we have began to make a very visible punishment for it to help re-eniforce it is wrong...hope this helps

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