Accident prone and in to everything!

Katie - posted on 04/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is the usual boy who is in to everything and i can usually stop him doing things he's not supposed to with a sharp 'no', sometimes he has a small temper tantrum with that but nothing huge. The problem is now whenever i leave the room he does something dangerous. This morning i came back from the bathroom and found him sitting on the dinning room table. I can only assume he climbed on to the chair then the table but it is quite some height and not sure how he managed it. This is just one example. I've also found him sitting on the window ledge after climbing the sofa to reach it. He is also very clumsy, falls over his own feet, toys etc and gives himself some nasty bruises. Nothing seems to frighten him.

I am very worried that he is going to really hurt himself but i can't be in the same room with him all the time. Does anyone have any advise about what to do or is anyone in the same situation


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Michelle - posted on 04/06/2009




oh my.. my little one isn't able to get on the tabel yet.. or at least I haven't let him "figure out" that he can.. I can only speak from our experiences so I hope this helps.. we have spent a lot of time with him in different areas of the house and had to do the strong no over and over.. and then we would kinda follow him around.. not really letting him know that we were there kinda thing.. just to see what he would do.. and if he started to get close we would do another strong no.. after that he started to get the point..


an example.. our stairs going up to the second level of our home extend past the wall at the bottom.. so a baby gate doesn't work.. and I was really, really worried that I would run to the restroom and come out with him halfway up the stairs only to turn around and fall.. so for about a week I would tell him no when he would go near the stairs.. I would then place him on the third stair and tell him it's alright to go up when mommy or daddy are behind you.. and all the hard work has paid off.. he won't touch the bottom stairs.. he will stand there, point, make a little sound, and then I'll pick him up and place him on the third stair and he'll go right up with us behind him..

so maybe for the dining room table.. you might try telling him no when he climbs on the chairs.. maybe he can only climb on the chairs when you're around??..  or maybe he can only get on the table when you're around.. at least until he's a little older.. hope it helps =)

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I have no idea when you find out can you let me know:) Ty is into everything... I was in the kitchen one day for a sec and came into the living room to find him sitting on the coffee table smiling away. Today he tripped and his forehead went smack into a corner wall.... the welt and bruise is awful. we have a gate to stop him from accessing the bathroom and kitchen.... boys will be boys:)

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