After having a cezarian section does anyone know how long post partum depression lasts?

Jasmon - posted on 12/17/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




Cus its been just about a year and i am still feeling depressed some days.


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Melonee - posted on 01/08/2009




i know i had a serious bout of it for the first 6 months, but i started making more time for myself and my husband was a big help on those days when i want to go shopping by myself or just go to a movie.  Now that my little one's  a year, we've mastered our daily routine since i'm also a working mother.  i spend quality time with her and i recently bought myself a bike, so even though i felt a little guilty using some our quality time for exercising, but it clears my brain and sometimes, she's still awake when i make it back. 


what are some of your coping skills?

Sheila - posted on 01/04/2009




It lasts forever ;-) My son will be a year on the 15th and I still have my days too, about 1/2 the week. I think it's a normal part of being a new Mom, your tired and busy and just don't give yourself the time you need. It seems like everyone else comes first. It takes a toll. Hang in there. I try to do something for ME at least once a month, it seems to put things back into perspective.

Jandi - posted on 12/17/2008




Post partum depression can last over a year but can be much worse if you are not getting enough sleep, exercise, or time alone. I personally like the quick fix that prescription drugs offer. Your doctor may also suggest exercising or taking some time for yourself. I have struggled with depression all of my life and find that it is helpful just to have someone to talk to.

Misty - posted on 12/17/2008




ha. I think everyone still gets depressed some days. but if its a lot. You should talk to your doctor. dont let it simmer for too long or you may explode.

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