Anyone else going thru teething and having a Jeckle/Hyde?

Darlene - posted on 10/18/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Wondering if anyone else i teething STILL. My DD is 21 months old and she appears to be teething. Maybe her back molars? She has been the easiest going pleasant little girl. I mean right now sometimes she is impossible and me and the DH can only think that she is teething. She isnt eating much not that she ate much anyway but now its down to soft foods only so i am certain its teething. It seems to bring out all these behavioral things. For instance, sometimes you can change her on the changing table-i have to change her on the couch, she has decided she doesnt like feet pajamas anymore or socks at night, she has these like fits, she doesnt go to bed easily, doesnt like her jacket put on. I mean she cries and screams as loud as she can. Then she goes back to the sweetest little thing. This has been the last few days. Right now we have the "old" Jenny and she is just as cute as ever. She is coming up to me now as i write this saying hi and singing the tone to the ABC's. But I am dreading bedtime. I used to be able to give her a bottle in her room rocking and then when she was done i would say "ok its time to lie down and go night night." and she would. She may talk to herself but there was no fuss. Now lately forget it. I just pray she falls asleep during the bottle ad even then most of the time she will awake as soon as i lie her down and cry hard- i mean like a blood curtling cry. Most of the time i let her cry no more than 10 minutes but if we let her cry sometimes she cries so hard she vomits and thats always fun to clean. She hasnt taken a nap these past few days. I gave her Motrin a couple of hours ago so maybe that helped? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced these behavioral things? We are hoping our sweet little girl isnt changing. Is it possible for them to change at this age? I mean dont they maintain the same personality? She has always been so easy going and very pleasant and quiet.


Chantal - posted on 10/19/2009




I think what your going through i am too. I have a son (21 months) and at times he's a gorgeous affectionate little boy and lately he can be a nightmare. Some nights he's easy to put to bed, other nights he'll scream and cry and makes himself so upset. The same with eating, he's a good eater but some days he'll hardly eat anything. He also has this thing with squealing and screaming so loud, i swear people would think somethings wrong. It's only just started in propably the last couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure he is teething but maybe it could also be just a stage they're going through? I have heard that apparently whatever their personality's are at about the age of 5 then that's how they usually stay but don't quote me on that one. Hopefully it is just a stage, and that it passes, because he really is a good kid.

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