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Nicole - posted on 01/31/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Has anyone else had trouble keeping up with the baby book? My cousin is 7 months pregnant and that got me thinking about all my baby stuff and I found my son's baby book. I've done OK keeping it updated. He had his 3rd birthday party this weekend so I added that to his baby book and realized I COMPLETELY forgot to add his 2nd birthday. Last year was crazy for all of us and it just didn't get added. I had to dredge up the memories but for some of the blanks I just had to put Mommy forgot all the presents you got :) Anyone else lost track of keeping the baby book updated now that baby is older?


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I have to admit that sometimes I have forgot maybe a few things. I am totally up to date though. Sometimes it does get hard to remember to write about our little ones because life is crazier with them growing up so fast.


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Pamela - posted on 02/13/2011




whha I have a book for each boy for them until 12 months there are no photos just writting Im slack Im enjoy the moment with them but not the documenting hehe Ive not once heard my hubby or brother ask so see ther ebaby stuff I did though I think if you have a girl then maybe try a bit harder as they might want to see it

Ange - posted on 02/08/2011




I only kept track for the first year, mostly because my mom got me set up with a good way to keep notes. She got me a calendar, just a normal hang-on-the-wall type with little squares for each day. Whenever he did something new or funny, we'd write it in on that day. Then at the end of the year I could make the updates.
I tried to do that in the second year and he was making so many new discoveries I just couldn't keep up and it all faded away. I keep pictures of him and cards people send, but right now half of the pics don't even have notes as to who is in it or the dates. It's all just shoved into a pile for now. I keep hoping "someday" I'll have time to sit down and organize it all and finish things up.
My husband has his baby book and actually enjoys looking thru it now, as an adult. So don't think boys don't care, it just depends on the boy.
When we got older, my mom just split our vacation pics up among our books, with the year and place, and aside from that and our school picture, she didn't add more. I think the first couple years were the only ones she kept details on, and that was fine with us. We still like looking at our books, but don't feel that the lack of detail in the older years is a big deal. It's the little notes about taking first steps, first words, funny phrases we came up with, the first time we tried to cut our own hair, (she taped a lock of our baby hair from our first haircut in too, that was neat), that's the stuff we like to read and giggle about.
My kid is moving so fast now (3 y.o.) that I just don't worry about much. Take a few pics when he is playing with a new toy to send the giver, and then don't worry about it. He's growing up every minute and I'd rather not miss any of that thru being "too busy" doing things that can wait. :-)

K. - posted on 02/04/2011




Yeah I'm terrible at that too. I sometimes feel guilty but then again there are certain memories as a mother you will not forget. And those are the important ones. Enjoy the moments without having to rush off and document them.

Shannon - posted on 02/03/2011




Im terrible at it, Your doing better than me, I kept at it for the first six months then tapered off. I grab it now and then and try to fill in the blanks but, well, my older son couldnt care less about his and I have never met a grown man that could care less about their old baby books so I stopped feeling too guilty. Maybe it would be worse if I had girls...

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