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LINDA - posted on 11/04/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been taking my son Johnathon into the bath and shower with me since he was born and I am wondering how long I should keep doing this? He is just as happy to go into the tub on his own but does love to play and we find it great for bonding. I just have been wondering how much longer we can keep this up before it becomes inappropriate? He bathes with his Daddy too and I don't see a problem there, it actually seems to make a few things easier (like actually getting washed). It is also helping a little in the toilet training department that he sees what we do in the bathroom and can follow our example. He loves to join in teeth cleaning and hair brushing too.
If anyone has any suggestions on what kind of time frame I would appreciate it that way I can gradually stop letting him in with me so as not to create to much stress over stopping suddenly.


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Shery - posted on 11/12/2010




I showered with my older son for the longest time. I stopped showering with him when he started pointing at body parts and asking whats that and i think that was roughly at 3 years

Pamela - posted on 11/11/2010




I still Shower with my two nearly 3 and 1.5 I think when you start to feel uncomfortable. your the only one to answer that.. my eldest has Receptive and expressive language delay so although he is extremely smart he doesn't think like other kids so if he continues as he is I would say he will be about 4 about when I don't feel comfortable. but for now we all just have a laugh I get out before them and they play around and I also find they wash themselves better like you said they watch mummy and daddy and they shampoo there own hair and wash there bits its also great for naming body parts.. wash your......... NOSE. wash your toes heehee enjoy it they are all to big before we will know it

Jade - posted on 11/08/2010




i dont really know probably when there 3 half maybe when there more independant i cant go to the toilet without my son going with me so i will stop when he stops following me lol

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