Bed Time problems!

Rachel - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok here a little background, Wyatt is 2. When he was first born, he would NOT sleep in his crib. I thought that it was to big for a little baby (normal size birth). So we let him sleep in the pack & play for awhile. About 6-8 mos and then he was ready. We moved him into his own room and like clockwork every night he would go to bed @ 8p and sleep great, sometimes he'd wake but he'd ALWAYS go back to sleep. Then he would not lay down to sleep. We had to leave the door to his room open. That lasted for about 3 mos., then we were able to shut it again. Then he wouldn't go to sleep with out crying. I had to rock him to sleep and then carry him to bed. (That was exhausting) I finally tried the C I O method. I went in after 5, then 10, then 15 and I thought I was gonna have to go back in after 20, but he was out. That lasted for a few months. Now he WILL NOT go to sleep at all. My doc told me to let him cry he will wear himself out. UH, now he won't. I let him cry for 47 min. one night, and he never even acted like he was gonna stop anytime soon. He's not really crying either, just screaming. Ladies, I've tried EVERYTHING I know of, WHAT DO I DO NOW? he has 2 dim night lights, his teddy bears everything. I"M EXHAUSTED. He won't stay asleep at night either, so the whole things starts again.


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Olivia - posted on 01/19/2010




Oh, my goodness. I have a problem like that but a little different. My 2 year old never wanted the crib and now he has a big boy bed, which he doesn't want either. My husband and I have to lay with him in our bed and settle him down. Since New Years he hasn't wanted to get down before 10 pm. It's been terrible. My friend pointed out that we really don't have a routine. SO the last two nights I started it: bath, brush the teeth, bed and it's worked okay. It seemed like we had to lay with him for 45 minutes tonight at least, but he finally went to sleep. We try to sing to him or read to him or rub his head, back, legs, or feet (which helps soothe him). You might want to try something that makes sounds (rain, ocean, etc.) ... something calming. The only benefit to the co-sleeping thing is that it is rare he ever wakes up in the night unless he is sick. Best of luck.

Nicole - posted on 01/19/2010




A routine is key. Every night, as much as possible, I follow the same bedtime routine. I've been told it's important with young children, and it works for me with BEDTIME. It's also ideal to put children to bed at an earlier time. I give my son a 5 min warning and around 7:30 I give him a bath. He gets out of the bath and brushes his teeth. I take him straight to his room to dress him and he doesn't leave his room from then on. We sit and read for a little while and then we pray. Lights out. I tuck him into bed and he DOES always ask that I lay with him. It's kind of a 'thing" we do. I'll just lay my head beside his for a moment and then I kiss him goodnight. I leave his door open just a crack to let some light in, not much. Sometimes he will call me to come in and i will the first time to see what he needs. The second time he calls I walk in his darkened room, tuck him in again and say good night my love. If he calls again after that, which for a while he was doing quite a bit but not so much any more, I would simply walk in lay him down tuck him in and walk out. I would do this over and over again until he got the point. Don't ever ignore your baby. If he needs something, fulfill his needs first. Then continue to lay him down without saying a word. Be calm in your approach. It may take a week, but it worked for me:0) I hope this helps...his molars could very well be coming in!

Pamela - posted on 01/19/2010




I heard this can happen at the age of two lots of little changes to there development. Im not sure what to suggest I've done the cry it out method and it worked wonders for me. maybe you can not pick him up but just sit with him maybe reading a story or something just so he knows he is not alone. Is he in a bed or cot ? my first son who just turned 2 I never picked up once he was in his cot /bed just apat on the back to let him know I was there worked but my second he wont settle unless I pick him up even for just a minute I hold him put him back down and he is out like a light. who knows what the little man is going through could it be his back teeth ?? nightmare.. you wont be able to know until he can communicate it. it might just be separation anxiety which all kids are meant to go through - my friend had this happen with one of her 18 month old twins it lasted a long time but then one night he just slept through again .. good luck and I hope you get sleep too it can be horrible

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