Bedtime is a game now >_<

Lea - posted on 05/07/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Back in Feb we converted my 2 year-old son's crib to a toddler bed. For a month nothing changed, then he realized he could get up if he wanted to but we scolded him when he did it and he stopped for about another month. Then he started up again worse. For nearly a month now, bedtime is a game. His routine is the same its always been - bath, brush teeth, read 3 books, go to sleep. Now, he will get up and come out and get scolded or spanked and runs back or gets put back, then comes out again like hes playing peekaboo. He really doesn't seem to care that he gets in trouble. He seems to enjoy the game a lot. I've done everything I read that I'm supposed to do. Do you have any suggestions?


Christa - posted on 05/10/2010




I disagree with locking them in there, they need to know it's ok to come out if they truly need something. Plus they need to stay in there because it's bedtime, NOT because they CAN'T get out.

My daughter just started doing this with her naps about a week ago. She was doing great in her big girl bed for the past 4-5 months and then for some reason she too thinks it's a game. I was doing like you spanking her, yelling at her, taking away her stuffed animals she sleeps with, frankly I was totally losing it with her. Then I remembered something I'd seen on SuperNanny. When he gets up the FIRST time calmly take his hand and walk him back into bed, tell him it's bedtime give a kiss and say goodnight. From then on when he gets out calmly and SILENTLY walk him back to bed. DON'T yell, laugh, talk, answer questions, nothing. He will keep trying things to see if he can get you to react and once he figures out you will not, he will go to sleep. I did this with my daughter for 2 hours the first time, ever since then it's getting less and less. Today it was only 20 minutes. She's starting to figure out it's bedtime and she will get no reaction from me. Try that. :-)

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I agree about locking them in the room. I had to do that too. I put a hook on the outside of the door. Took several nights of some tears, but he doesn't get out of bed anymore (and of course the room). I still hear him up, talking to himself or playing, but he is aways in bed asleep when I go in the morning to get him up. Good Luck.


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What about potty training? If your locking a child in their room how are they going to learn to get up to go potty. And if your spanking them when they get up they may become afraid to get up when they have to go to the bathroom. With either scenario it could promote bed wetting (just as much of a headache). Plus if they're locked in are you going to be willing to get up to take them potty when they start waking up to go in the middle of the night. That doesn't promise you much sleep. I agree with Christa and Super Nanny. Don't react at all, just quietly put them back to bed. When they see getting up won't get them the attention they want they'll stop. But it will take a lot of patience at first.

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Sometimes all you can do is lock them in there. I lock my son in just during naps only because for some reason he doesn't get up at bed time otherwise I would lock him in then too. I tried that super nanny thing and it didn't work my little guy is just to stubborn. I agree what is the difference between a crib and locking them in there, as long as there isn't anything in there to hurt them. This is what worked for me....I hope it's gotten better for you!

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Yes, he will stop. My daughter did too, but eventually they get sick of being told to get into bed and spanked. It will stop, just keep doing what you're doing, don't change your routine, and have patience, it will stop! :)

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We have stairs so locking them in their room is also a safety issue for us. It is not OK to come out of their room at 2AM and play or go down the stairs. Locking them in their room is not much different then keeping your baby in a crib in which they can't get out of. We do have monitors in their room so they can call out if they need something. By locking them in their room, you are just increasing the boundary of the crib to the bedroom. Once they can respect the boundary of the door, then you don't have to lock the door. It doesn't take long for them to learn.

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We put a child lock on the door too. Our 2yo (who is now 3) was getting up and playing in the bathroom and always waking us up. After we put the lock on the door, we all slept much better. We put the lock on the door for a few months and she was fine after we removed it. I think she might of tested us again on it and so we put the lock on the door for a short time but now its off. Her 2yo sister hasn't tested us on this boundary yet but we still have the child proof knobs if she wants to test them out. The one challenge is potty training and giving them the freedom to come and go when they need to go potty.

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I would put one of those safety knobs on the inside of his bedroom door so he can't open it. My daughter did that for 2 months straight every night, then I bought the knob and she still sometimes get up out of bed but then she realizes that she is stuck in her room so she will get back in her bed.

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