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My neice and my daughter are 8 days apart. Jan19 and jan 27th 2008. They are hilarious. BUT my neice keep biting my daughter. I dont know what to do. So many people say to bite her. No WAY she is my neice and I would JUST DIE if some adult, any adult bit my girl. She does it when they fight (they fight like sisters). I give her a time out and talk to her about it. But I feel so bad like im teaching my daughter that its ok or maybe she thinks her Mommy lets people hurt her. I dont know what to do.


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Do NOT bite the child. That will not teach them anything. Be consistant. When she bites, say "No biting" or "biting is naughty, it hurts" and remove her from the situation. Re-direct her attention to something else. Be consistant and react the same way everytime. It will be frustrating and time consuming, but it is a behavior that can be learned. Biting is very common and usually happens when a child gets mad/angry and does not have the vocabulary to express their feelings. This happens a lot when children are learning how to share. Good luck!!

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do not bite her its not good ignore it tell her that your daughter will not play with her and try to intercept bites my son bites so believe me i know just dont bite her it makes it worse it gives them the ok to do it

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i work at a day care and we have it all the time. the age of the kids are 18month to 3 it seem when the get mad and don't know how it express themselfs bitting seems the right thing to do. the ones that bit are the ones that don't talk yet so they have a hard time when they get mad if someone takes a toy. we have them say STOP I DON'T LIKE THAT for the ones that talk. for us it is a daily thing we talk to them and tell its not ok we need to use nice touches. a daycare were i live if the child bits they go home so some kids know if they bit mom or dad coming to get me

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I would put her on the naugthty spot my son bit on and off when he was 16 months til just over 2 as he couldn't communicate and when others stole toys he would bite instead of push, snatch or say no.. it only happened once a month and we would go 2 - 3 month no biting but I was mortified every time he get taken straight to the naughty spot for 2 minutes no warning I just firmly say WE DO NOT BITE! it worked for us .. what does her mother and father day about the biting what do they do at home when she bites? I wouldn't try to talk to her about it as it will just mean more attention for her, make sure you make a big fuss of your daughter as well or whom ever else she bites.. give the victim lots of attention.. and then once the 2 minutes it up show her what she did and make her apologize

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I have that problem with my 2 year old also, but it comes because her 4 year old sister(my stepdaughter) is mean to her when Im not around. Ive caught her punching my daughter in the chest and kicking her in the head for no reason! And she bites her in retaliation. Worst off its hart to disipline her for biteing when her sister just kicked her in the head!

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My son was a biter at 2, he was biting because he didn't have the vocab to get his point across and was frustrated. Later I learned that he had Sensory Processig Disorder and that was part of it as well. He wasn't doing it to be mean, he was truely sorry when he hurt someone. I tired EVERYTHING and nothing worked. I would look at why the biting is happening and go from there. Good luck!

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I really don't believe that biting back is a healthy way to let the child realize that she s doing something wrong. It just teaches them that if they are bitten by someone else that they can bite the person back. You are doing the best just by giving her a time out. A really effective way to do time outs:

1. Tell them why they are getting time out.
2.Put them in their designated time out area.
3.COMPLETELY ignore the child for about a minute per year, but for 2 year ols just 1 or 1.5 minutes is fine.
4. Once the time has passed pay attention to them again and ask them if they are ready to behave like a good boy/girl. Most of the time they should say yes, they hate to be ignored.

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I know you may not want to hear it, but bite her back! Hot sauce may work, but kids aren't stupid, they'll just find a new place to bite. Now when I say bite I don't mean clamp down hard or anything, just enough for her to realize that it hurts. My 2 year old used to bite my 4 year old and it worked for us. I bit her one time to show her what it felt like and she hasn't done it again.

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I heard hot sauce does the trick. Put it where she bites and she wont bite there again.

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