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Olivia - posted on 01/21/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is 3 and still takes a sippy cup or two of milk before bed to settle him down. As soon as he finishes it, he rolls over and goes to sleep. I know that by now he should not be having milk before bed this way, but I don't know how to break him of it because it's the only thing that soothes him. Help! I know it's not good for his teeth. : (


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My suggestion would be to teach him that after you brush his teeth the only drink he can have is water before bed. Start by throwing away the sippy cups and giving him big boy cups. Let him have milk with dinner and that is it. It is hard at first but he will get used to the new rules. Good luck.

Amy - posted on 02/03/2011




My daughter turned 3 on january 19 and has been potty trained for almost 8 months. She takes a sippy cup to bed every night. She drinks before and during the night but she also wakes up to go to the bathroom. If i were you I would not take away the sippy, and I wouldn't limit his intake because every child is different so unless there is starting to be a medical reason (or accidents EVERY night) I would let him have it. He'll let you know when he's ready to give it up. No worries!

Lynne - posted on 02/01/2011




It is only bad for the teeth if he is letting the milk sit in his mouth when he falls asleep. (Like he falls asleep with it in his mouth.) Unless you are having problems with his teeth, I wouldn't worry about it too much. :) You can also try switching to water, that won't hurt his teeth but may give him the comfort of something to drink before bed? None of my three kids could stay dry at night at that young age, so I don't think it's a big deal to stop the drinks at night and honestly, even my 4 year old, who stays dry at night, usually brings a cup of water to bed. He doesn't always drink it all but he likes to have it.

Amanda - posted on 01/31/2011




my son just turned 3 on the 27th & he's been potty trained for several months. we give him a little less than half a sippy cup of milk at bedtime & he doesn't wet the bed. I've never heard that you shouldn't be giving him a sippy cup at this age. my oldest still had her sippy cup at 3. we aren't even considering taking his sippy cup away because his sister (who isn't quite 2) shares his room & she goes to bed with her sippy cup each night.

Nicole - posted on 01/31/2011




My son just turned 3 on the 25th of Jan. He is not potty trained but we are working on it and he is getting MUCH better. I usually don't let him have anything to drink about 1-2 hours before I'm putting him down for the night. Even if he is in a pull up he wets the bed if he has anything too close to bed time. He can still have the cup if he wants to sleep with it but is is empty. More recently he has stopped wanting the cup and is fine with a stuffed animal sine he now realizes the cup is empty.

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OK, well I did not know my 3 year old shouldn't be taking a sippy with milk before that was the first I've heard of that. Aside from maybe peeing in bed ( my son is not potty trained so, maybe thats why this never occured to me) I don't see why its an issue if it soothes him and he sleeps - I say go for it.? but agin, thats the first time i heard of it.

Nikki - posted on 01/23/2011




First of all...THROW AWAY THE SIPPY CUP! Doesnt he wet the bed everynight then if he drinks something? Tell him he will be all wet when he wakes up! my son did the same thing but i had him throw away the cup himself. just like we did with the bottle when he turned one. we had to let our son cry it out because he was fully potty trained by 2 1/2. if they are potty trained they shouldnt have anything at least 2 hours before they sleep. make it a big deal to him to throw away his sippy too. when he throws it away, tell him that he cant have one at bedtime then! and then get him something else he can take to be with him that he cant consume! hope this helped! good luck!

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