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So I am trying to get my Christmas letter done early this year and wanted a little help with the editting and or flow of the letter. Any tips? Suggestions? General comments?

Twas the year 2009
And all through the Thomas nest
No one was sitting still; toddlers never rest!

The tree was lit, so pretty and bright
Decorations made by Jack are quite a sight

Frank and Barley were hiding in their beds
Trying to get the shrieking sound of kitty-kitty and oof-oof out their heads

Nick in his KU gear, and I in mine
Dreams this basketball season would the football one outshine

When out in Denver there arose such a clatter
Nick had to check his email to see what was the matter

For me, twenty new students this year again
Teaching is worth it, especially when you get a good grin

Jack began school and a new daycare too
How he loves so having so many things to do

Hearing him learn new words like moon and ball
Mama and Dada are our favorites of all.

We’ve enjoyed our time in Austin and Denver, as well
But it’s always good to return to our home in which we dwell.

More rapid than a toddler-hit ball, the months they came
It’s a been a great year that we can proclaim

And as this letter this ends
We want you to know we’re thankful for our family and friends

Your make our lives brighter
No gift could be greater

So raise your glasses and give a cheer
To a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Very nice! I really liked that but I did find it hard to read paragraph # 4 I got hung up on the words... # 7 If I am reading it right I think there is an extra so and #10 would it sound better without the "they"? and finally the next to last part You make out lives brighter... so there is my two cents worth hope I didn't offend ya. Wish I could come up with something like that! Good job and have a Merry Christmas with the kids. I have a 22 mth old and a 7 year old ,this year is going to be a blast!

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