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Heidi - posted on 11/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a 43 yr old Grandmother of a beautiful grandaughter, Lilliana. She was born in January of 2008. My daughter had to have an emergency c-section, and it all went down hill from there.

Thank God, both came out good. Sadly, my daughter suffered some medical problems due to the c-section. She also had post partum depression really bad. I lived with her and the daddy, so I was there from day one for my daughter and the baby. I had to do all the parent responsibilies from the time she came home to present. My daughter lives in a seperate home from me and the baby now. The daddy and her are not together, but he takes an active role in her life. I keep her most times, he calls to ask to pick her up and she's gone with him and her uncle and cousin for most weekends. It was very important to me that her daddy be part of her life, and if my daughter had her, she would not know much of her father.

My daughter is completing her schooling and works part time.

I encourage any time she can make for her daughter, but sadly, it isn't much due to transportation issues most times.

I feel so blessed to have the responsibility of raising my grandbaby and she has brought me endless joy. You don't realize how much everything about them means, until you are a grandparent. Lilliana is my little angel and this world I live in is blessed with her presance. I have two grown children, my son who's 25 and my daughter who is almost 20. I would love more grandkids, but for now I enjoy my days with Lilliana.


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Kim - posted on 11/10/2009




Lilliana is truly lucky. I hope all goes well for your daughter and that she recovers fully and becomes able to see her daughter more often. It is nice to hear that Lilliana's father is taking such an active role in her life.

Vernone - posted on 11/02/2009




Lilliana is very lucky to have you in her life, I hope that she and her Dad can continue to have a good relationship. As for your Daughter, all you can do is encourage her and hope she comes around. Thank God for Grandmas!!

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